How To Earn A Passive Income Online

You Can Learn How To Earn A Passive Income Online From Home!

You Can Learn How To Earn A Passive Income Online From Home!

Learning how to earn a passive income online is not that difficult.  I’m here to help!  I started working from home online around two years ago and make a nice chunk of income from it.  If you have a computer at home with WiFi you can get started right away, today in fact.

And it doesn’t have to cost you anything else to get started.  Having a computer with WiFi is your up front expense.  You need to have those two things to do what I do.  There are no other out of pocket costs to start your own online business.

Want to learn more about earning a passive income online and how I do it?  Then keep reading.

How To Earn A Passive Income Online

Here is the part that scares people away…  In order to make money online you need to have a website of your very own.  Most people think they need to know how to write code or program some version of HTML in order to make a website.

Not true!  You can easily have your own website up and running, for free, within minutes from right now.  If you have a smart phone that you use and play around on social media, you can easily start and manage your own website.  It’s as easy as messing around with a smart phone… no kidding.

It’s what you do with that website once you have that will allow you to earn a passive income online.

You Need To Monetize A Website

Earning an income online with a website means learning how to monetize it.  That just means you need to learn the various ways that websites can make an income.

Most websites are focused on a topic that the person who created it knows a lot about.  Websites can be focused on pretty much anything.  What do you know a lot about?  Video games?  Movies?  Cooking?  Crafting?  Camping?  Fishing?  Smoker grills?  TVs?  Computers?  Cars?

When you create a website that is focused on a particular topic it means you created a ‘niche’ website.  Niche websites are typically sought out by people who share that common interest that your website is about.  Once you have website up that is focused on a niche, you can monetize it to make an income.

If you are wondering how you add create and add content to website I will cover that further below.  For now lets focus on how a website can be monetized.

There are a couple different ways to monetize a website.  I’ll go into a little detail below.

  • Sell Advertising:  Once your website it up and running and people are finding it every day you can sell advertising on your site.  Usually people or companies wanting to advertise on your site will find you, especially if your website is generating a good deal of traffic – which means people are finding it online.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising:  You can go to Google and other online companies and sign up to place adds on your site.  As an example Google will monitor your website and place adds on it that are focused towards what your website is about.  Anytime a visitor clicks on one of those adds you make money!  It can vary from a few pennies per click to a few dollars per click.  You can learn more about this type of advertising at Google Adsense.
  • Affiliate Marketing:  Is there a product or products that is associated with your website niche?  If so you can write a review on that product and provide a link where people can go online and buy it.  When people buy that item, or other items, you earn a sales commission from the online retailer.  This is actually how I make money online, around $3,000.00 per month in my spare time.  You can learn more about how to work at home here.

Setting Up A Website To Earn A Passive Income

I am sure if you are still here reading about how to earn a passive income online one of your big questions is how to build a website and add content to it.  Another question might be where to go and get a website.

Answering those questions is easy.  Buying a website domain and paying for hosting costs roughly $30 to $40 per month.

BUT WAIT!  I told you up above you could get started for free as long as you already had a computer and a WiFi connection.  You can start at no out of pocket cost.  I’ll tell you how.

There are places online that sell website hosting and website domains.  Some of them allow people to use free hosting and free websites.  There are some downsides to using free web hosting and free website domains.  However, there is no better way to learn than for free that you can do this kind of work.  Why pay to find out if this is a good fit, when you can try it for free?!

Most people who run their own websites and make money online pay for web hosting and own their website domains.  There are perks for doing it this way that help you make money.  But before you jump into spending $35 a month for hosting and owning a domain, you should really test this out and make sure its something you enjoy doing, and more importantly, want to do.

Don’t spend a dime, go the free route first.  If you like working online as an entrepeneur, then eventually go that extra mile and buy your website domain so you own it.

What You Need To Get Started

  • Your own computer with WiFi
  • Free website hosting
  • Free website to use
  • A niche website idea
  • Training on how to add content to a website

All of those things listed above you will need in order to get started today.  As long as you have your own computer with internet access, I can tell you were to go to get everything else you need – for free.

How I Learned to Work Online

When I got started working on my own website to make money working at home I was teaching myself and learning as I went along.  It was kinda tough, but still a lot of fun.  Luckily you don’t have to do it that way.  I can tell you where to go to get free website hosting, two free websites and some free training on how to create and build a website fast and easy.

Yeah, it’s free.  All you need is an email address to get started.  No credit card needed, no debit card needed.  You just need to create a free user account with an email address and you are going to be up and running.

About a year into my online at home business I came across a company called Wealthy Affiliate that sold website registrations and web hosting.  They also provided some training on creating a website using your mouse to point and click.

Signing up with Wealthy Affiliate with a free user account will get you access to free website hosting, two free sub-domain websites you can use, and some free training to show you how easy it is to setup and learn to monetize your own website.

They let people test these things out for free, because they know if it’s a good fit you will likely want to own your own website down the road, and use them to handle the registration process (like Go Daddy, Blue Host, and other online companies that do the same thing).

In particular Wealthy Affiliate teaches people how to create niche websites for affiliate marketing.  Affiliate Marketing is what I do to make money working from home.

How Affiliate Marketing Works To Earn A Passive Income Online

So here is the basic process of how Affiliate Marketing works:

As an example let’s say I like to create meals using a crock-pot.  I have a lot of recipes I have collected over the years, so I created a website about crock-pot cooking!  On my website I share my recipes.  I also write product reviews of crock-pots and other cooking accessories that are related to crock-pots.

When I write a product review I provide a link to an online retailer, Amazon, where people can click on the link and go to Amazon and buy the products I reviewed.  When they buy something I make a commission on the sale.

Amazon Associates is one of the largest online affiliate retailers.

Amazon Associates is one of the largest online affiliate retailers.

Online retailers will pay you sales commissions to send people to their website to buy product.  And it costs you NOTHING to signup with those online retailer to become ‘affiliates’ for them.  Amazon Associates is the biggest online affiliate retailer, but many people affiliate with Walmart, Bass Pro Shops, Tiffany’s, Target, Best Buy…etc…  the list goes on and on.

If somebody follows my product review link to Amazon, but doesn’t buy the item I reviewed, and instead buys something else – I still make a sales commission.  As long as they go to the online retailer from my website and buys ANYTHING, I make a sales commission.

Commissions can add up pretty fast.  And once I write a review and blog it on my website, people can find that review any time of the day or night for years to come.  Blogs I have written over a year ago are being found online from my website and people are following the product links to buy items.  I’m making an income on work I did over a year ago!  That’s passive income.

Does Working From Home Online Sound Good To You?

You can call the shots.  Be your own boss.  Work when you want.  You can even travel and work… as long as you have a laptop and internet access you can travel the world and be an affiliate marketer.

This kind of work does take some effort to make it be successful.  You are not going to start creating an income overnight.  You need to put in some time to make this work.  It took me a couple months before I started seeing a couple sales commissions.  It grew up from there a little every month.

Now I have a few niche website that I do Affiliate Marketing from.  You can do exactly what I do.

You can sign up for free with Wealthy Affiliate and get free web hosting, two free websites, and some free online training.  And you can start today.  You can go to Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.

Of course if you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and everything they have to offer, then you should check out my detailed online review.  Be forwarned, it is a BIG review, very long with lots of details.  You can check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Thanks for reading!


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