How Often Should You Post A New Blog

How often should you post a new blog is a question I see often online, and get asked by many new bloggers.  So I decided to add it to my website under the Web Building Category.

Lots of experienced bloggers will tell you that you shouldn’t blog more than a once or twice a week.  The reason for this is that as you create a following you don’t want to smother them with too much content.  You want to give them time to catch up and react to your last post.

If you are posting once every day, or even every other day, you don’t give your site followers the chance to react to your latest blog post.  If you want people to comment, you need to give them time to read your post and comment.

I get it, that makes sense to me, but not all sites are equal.  I have a few different websites.  Some I want interaction from my readers, but others I just want to get another keyword phrase and blog post added so my site can get found a new way and people click on some links!

What kind of site you have will dictate the frequency of your posts.  But one thing I know for sure… new websites don’t get noticed very fast on their own through organic searches, so you are better off pumping out blogs quickly so you can gain some traffic and notice from Google.

Trying to figure out how often should you post a new blog to your website?

Trying to figure out how often should you post a new blog to your website?

It takes blog posts on your site to get readers and people finding your website.  The more you have the better off you are at being found.  So in those early days of a new website, post and post some more.  But you can’t just post anything, it has to be good content.

I have a niche website that I use for affiliate marketing.  It is a camping and hiking website.  I blog about my enjoyment of the great outdoors.  When I first started that site I blogged 3-4 times per week.  I wanted to get content out there so when Google finally took notice of my site and gave it some respect I would get some rankings and get found.

I worked hard on that site like that for two months.  Now I just post on there once ever 5-7 days.  And it’s doing just fine.

I have another site that all it does is push a single product.  Nearly every post is focused on that product in some way shape or form.  I don’t care if people want to comment or not, in fact I keep comments turned off on that blog-site.  I just want the page found and people to say “Damn, I need that!” and click on the links and buy.

So for that page I want to get as many posts on it as possible with fresh keyword phrases per post – because it increases my chance of that blog site getting found.  The more often that blog site is getting found, the better chance I have of getting clicks on those links.  And I wan to get high traffic so I can make more money and work at home.

What kind of website do you have?  Looking to build up a conversational site?  Or one where you need to build traffic where the comments just don’t matter… or one that is somewhere between the two?

If you are looking for a balance between your readers and their comments and adding new keywords to get your page found, then you need to learn how to gauge your readers.  Can you get away with more frequent or less frequent posts?  You’ll have to make that determination.

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