How Can I Work At Home – And Make Money

How can I work at home? It's a fairly easy process to get started.

How can I work at home? It’s a fairly easy process to get started.

You’re here because you asked in your search tool “How Can I Work At Home“?  I can tell you how I do it and earn a nice income.  Most places online want to sell you this information, but I’m more than happy to give it to for free.  So put your credit card away and start reading.

Without wasting your time or mine, let’s jump right into this.  I want to tell you how you can work at home and be your own boss starting today.  Learning how and getting started is a fairly simple process.

How Can I Work At Home And Make Money?

No beating around the bush: you need a few basic skills and some personal drive to make money working at home.  Below is a check list you need to ask yourself.

  1. Do you have a laptop or computer at home with WiFi connection?  In order to work from home making money you need a computer with an internet connection.  A tablet might be okay, but could prove a little tedious.
  2. Do you have some basic keyboard and mouse skills?  If you can maneuver around social media sites, do Google searches, and have a little word processing experience you are more than experienced for this line of work.
  3. Can You afford to pay as much as $30 per month for website hosting?  If not, don’t worry about this one too much.  I know a place you go and get free website hosting.  You will need a website of your own make money working at home.  Keep reading, I’ll explain how it works.
  4. Can you keep yourself focused working at home among distractions?  Most people get easily distracted if they are working at home.  You need to be able to focus and shut out those home distractions.
  5. This work at home business does not make money over night.  Are you okay that it could take a couple months before you start seeing money come in?  You need to put some work in up front before you will start seeing an income.

If you are feeling good about the answers you have to the questions above, then you are probably more than ready and able to tackle what it’s going to take.

Are you ready to learn how you can work at home?

Making Money Working At Home

The answer to your question, “How can I work at home and make money” is this:  You need to get online and own your own website.  Believe me when I tell you that starting a website is a lot easier than you may think.

Many people get scared away when they hear they need to have a website.  It’s really pretty easy to get up and running online.  If you can point and click a mouse and think of a website name, you can have your own website running on the internet in a couple minutes.

I can also help you get started for no cost.  Most people pay for website hosting like I mentioned above in #3, as it has perks and benefits to doing so for people earning an income through their websites.  BUT, there are ways to get online and get a website for no cost.  I can help you with that.

How Can I Work At Home?

Get online today.  There are 4 billion people on the internet.  Those people are shopping more and more online buying consumer goods.  They buy anything from toilet paper to high end items like saunas, TVs, furniture, and even cars.  There are billions of dollars exchanging hands online every year, and that number is increasing.

By getting online with your own website, you can tap into the money that is exchanging hands between consumers and retailers that are selling product.  What I’m talking about is called Affiliate Marketing.

Basically it works like this: You create your own website and you promote on it products sold by online retailers.  People search the internet looking for product reviews and information on many items before they buy them.  That’s where they find your website and where you have a product review of the item they are looking to buy.  When they click to buy the item you make a sales commission.

That is the basic process.  It is a bit more detailed than that.  I work at home online part time maintaining a couple websites.  Last month I earned a little over $3400.00 in sales commissions promoting camping tents and mattresses.

Keep reading for more details on his this works!

Explaining How You Can Work At Home And Make Money Online

Like I said, it’s called Affiliate Marketing and I’m a blogger.  I created a couple ‘niche’ websites that focuses on specific content, such as camping tents and mattresses.  Then I write about those things, blogging, on my websites.  This website you are on right now is one of my blogs where I write about how to get started working at home online.

I know a lot about tents and camping.  Over the past several years I learned a lot about memory foam and spring mattresses.  Because I have a lot of knowledge and experience with those things I can easily blog about them – and make money from website I own that focus on them.

Do you have any hobbies or things you know a lot about?  More than likely you do.  You can share your knowledge online as a blogger and monetize your website or websites to earn you an income.  Some people make money this way on the side to supplement their day job income.  For others this is all they do – they work part time at home and make a full time income.

This is basically how it works, check out the graphic below:


4 basic steps on how you can make money online

4 basic steps on how you can make money online

How Can I work At Home And Make Money – 4 Steps!

Let’s take a look at each of the four steps shown in the graphic above.

  • Step Once, Choose An Interest:  If you have a hobby or something you know a lot about, more than likely you can turn that passion into a means of making money.  Make a list of ten things you enjoy doing or are good at.  Are there products or items that are associated with those items on your list?  More than likely there are.  You can create a niche website that focuses one of those interests, and make money from it.
  • Step Two, Build A Website:  Once you have decided on an idea or niche for a website, you need to build it.  If you can point and click a mouse you can build a website of your own in just a few minutes.  It is very easy to create and start a website.  Don’t let this scare you.  You don’t need to know any coding or programming to do this.  Just point and click a mouse.
  • Step Three, Attract Visitors:  Once you start a website you need to add content to it.  This is a lot like writing a post on Facebook, or writing a document in a word processing program such as Microsoft Word.  When you add content to your website people will eventually start to find your website – people who are interested in the niche idea you are focused on.  The more content you can add and blog about, the more people will be able to find your website.  You can also learn to attract people to your website by sharing and talking about your website on Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Instagram to name a few.
  • Step Four, Earn Revenue:  When people are finding your website you can earn money.  The more people that are finding your website each day the better… the more people you attract the better your odds are for making an income.  There are over 4 billion people using the internet, getting some of them to your website to earn revenue is certainly possible.  This is where you can earn money from being an Affiliate Marketer by linking product reviews you write to places online, like Amazon, where people can buy those items.  You can also sell advertising on your website.

Does everything I have mentioned so far sound like something you can do, or want to do?  If so keep reading.  I am going to tell you how to get started.  In fact I can show you how to get started today at no cost, without having to pay for website hosting that I mentioned above.

Learn How To Work At Home

I learned about Affiliate Marketing a couple years ago.  But over a year ago I started hosting all my website at a place online called Wealthy Affiliate.  They provide website name registration services as well as website hosting that is pretty cheap.  On top of that, they also specialize in training people about how to build and monetize a website to earn money.

That’s where I learned how to make money online.  They provide step by step instructions on how to start a website, add content to a website, and monetize a website to earn an income.

You can learn more about Wealthy Affiliate by going to their website by clicking here.

They actually allow you to sign up for free.  All you need is an email address.  No credit card needed.  Once you sign up and create a free account, you have access to 2 free websites you can use, as well as basic web hosting and training on how to startup and build a website.  All that is free.  So you can actually test this out before getting serious and spending money on better website hosting.

They provide the training and the tools.  You put in the work to build your very own niche website or websites and start making an income online.

(What does Google say about Affiliate Marketing)

How Long Does It Take?

Affiliate Marketing is not a get rich overnight business.  No fooling around, you are going to have to do some work up front when you are building up a website.  Some people don’t see results for a few months.  Others it takes a little longer.

The more time you can put into adding content to your website, the sooner it will get found.  The more time passes that your website has been in existence, the easier it will be for it to get found.  When people start finding your website you will start earning money.

If you are looking for money fast and easy you will have to go someplace else.  But I am going to tell you right now, there is no such thing as making easy money, and fast money online.  Anybody telling you that you can make fast and easy money online is lying to you and it’s a scam.

I’m telling you how you can make money online.  You are also hearing me tell you that it takes time.  On top of that I am telling you straight up that you can get started checking this out for no out of pocket cost.  I am also telling you (above) that the typically monthly cost for doing this kind of work is around $30 per month for people who are serious about owning their own websites and paying for good hosting services (which can help your website get found easier, there are perks for paying for web hosting).

How Can I Work At Home – Wrapping Things Up

There are over 4 billion people online.  Online shopping is a growing trend.  More and more people are turning to buying items online for a variety of reasons.  On top of that more people are going online to do product research before buying.

That’s where bloggers and affiliate marketers come in.  We tap into the money that exchanges hands between online retailers and the consumers.  We earn sales commissions for any customers we send to places like Amazon who end up buying things.  It costs nothing to sign up as an affiliate with all of the big online retailers.  They want people online to send customers to their online stores, and they pay you to do it.

Learning how to choose a niche website idea, start that website, add content to that website, attract visitors to that website, and earn money from that website, has never been easier to learn than it is right now.

To get started today sign up with Wealthy Affiliate for free, all you need is an email address.  Click Here To Get Started!

Or, if you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate I created a detailed review on them.  You can read that here by clicking on my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

You came here asking “how can I work at home and make money“, and I’ve told you straight how I do it, and how you can get started doing it too.  Let me know if you have any questions.


Learn How To Work At Home!

Have a hobby or a personal interest you know a lot about?  You can turn your love of that hobby into a thriving online business just like I did!

Learn Affiliate Marketing and Earn Your Online Success!

Put your wallet away, because it costs nothing to get started...

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