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Today I am writing a review of the Home Earning System.  I want to be up front and say that I am in no way affiliate with this online company.  The information below in my review has been researched online through various sources.

All of the details below are based on my own opinion and take on the research I uncovered on Home Earning System (HES).  If you are thinking of signing up with HES, please be sure to check out a few other online reviews before coming to your own conclusion about the company.

Home Earning System – Scam Or No?

I review of a lot of online businesses pointing out those that are scams and those that are legitimate.  HES is not what I would consider a viable means of making an income from home.  There are many red flags that this is nothing more than another scam trying to take your money.

Their primary sales page lies from you at the very start and offers no real details of the type of work they promote or that you would be doing.

Let’s jump in and take a closer look!

Home Earning System – Review

Right of the start, like so many of these scam sites, they say they have been featured on many of the larger news networks.  Check out the image below I pulled from their homepage.

Home Earning System makes a big claim here, but it's just a lie.

Home Earning System makes a big claim here, but it’s just a lie.

The graphic above is used on many other scam sites.  Check out the review I did of Instant Income Generator here to see it again!

I went to those websites for those news agencies and did content searches for HES.  Guess what?  Never was HES found in any of their web databases.  So right from the start they are lying.

Another reg flag is that they make it seem there is some urgency in your signing up with them.  They claim there are only positions available for a certain amount of time, and that they are filling up fast.

The urgency in their advertising is trying to get you to sign up before you do too much research and think about their bogus offer.

Another cause for concern to me is the what they tell you can earn.  They provide no proof, and really don’t ever say what you are going to be doing – at least not clearly, but they tell you that you will earn up to $1000 per day.

The funny thing is, if you read their disclaimer, they clearly state that you are not likely to make any money.  That is in part how they get away with this kind of online scam BS.

When you sign you give them your name and contact information.  I am pretty sure they sell your information in a large list along with other people who fell for their scam.  So if you do sign up with them, don’t at all be surprised if you start seeing a major influx of junk emails and even telemarketing phone calls.

What Does Home Earning System Cost?

They will take from you $97 when you sign up.  And they’ll do it without ever really telling you what you are going to be doing.

I suspect this is some sort of link posting scam, where they try and set you up thinking that if you can post links on websites and forums you can earn money from it.  I am not sure about this though, as I never took that final step and signed up.  There was no way I was going to hand over to them any of my contact info, let alone my debit or credit card number.

No way…


Avoid this one like the plaque.  This site actually promotes other similar sites that are somehow linked together.  I suspect they are owned by the same entity.

Remember the link further above for Instant Income Generator?  Well that sites promotes to HES.  They are all linked in some way.

There are lots of valid ways to earn an income from home.  I write about the top 5 work at home jobs here.  If you are serious about looking for online work be sure to check that list out – I even prove some links to places to get started.

I work online from home as a blogger doing affiliate marketing.  If you have a hobby or interest you are highly knowledgeable about, you can start working from home as a blogger and making a good income.  It takes time and some work to get started, but it’s 100% legit.

If you want more information on getting started doing affiliate marketing you can check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here.  It’s what I promote and approve above all else.

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