Get An Amazing Start In Online Business

Start your online business from home!

Start your online business from home!

Have ever wanted to start your own online business but don’t know how?  You have come to the right place.  I can help you get started today at no cost.

So put your wallet or purse away, because what I am about to show you doesn’t cost anything.

You can get started today doing what is called affiliate marketing.  It’s how I make money online.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where you write about a product you know a lot about.  You also recommend to people where they can go online to buy it.

When they go and buy that product, say from Amazon or Walmart, you get a commission on the sale.

Online retailers LOVE people who do affiliate marketing and want to work with them.  It costs nothing to sign up with companies like Amazon to be an affiliate for them.  They pay you to send people from your website to theirs.

You make money when those people buy product from the retailer you affiliate with.

Online sales are booming.  People buy a lot of product online.  In fact in 2015 over 330 billion dollars exchanged hands in the United States alone.

The number is expected to hit over 520 billion by 2020.

People born within the last thirty years grew up online with the internet.  They turn to online reviews of products they want to buy before they buy them at a rate of nearly 80%.

That’s where affiliate marketers come in.  When you write a review on a website about a product you know a lot about and support, people are apt to buy it.  You tell them where they can buy it from and when they do you make a sales commission.

I make over $2500 per month as an affiliate marketer, and I started doing this twenty months ago.

How To Get Started As An Affiliate Marketer

If you want to start an online business and become an affiliate marketing entrepreneur then you are going to need a website.

Trust me when I say you can have a website of your very own up and running in about ten minutes.  It’s easy to do and costs nothing.

Don’t believe me?  Watch the video I made below.  I show you where you can go and create your own free website and have it on the internet in just a few minutes.

See how easy that was?  It didn’t take long to do and costs nothing through an online site called Wealthy Affiliate.

Now that you can see how easy it is to have your own website you need to learn how to setup it up and navigate around it.

Adding ‘content’ to it is pretty easy.  If you have messed around with smart phones or even word processing programs you are going to learn fast.

If you are not tech savvy there is going to be some learning involved.  Luckily most people can figure out how to move around the back-page of a website quickly.

Here are the basic steps you need to know and follow to get started in Affiliate Marketing:

  • Think of a product or theme of a potential website.  Most any hobby or interest you may have is going to be a good theme.  You make money by focusing your website on a theme, or what is called a ‘niche’.  A niche can be computer gaming, cooking, sewing, wrist watches, expensive pens, gag gifts, camping, etc…
  • Think of name for your website.  It should be something that reflects what your niche is about.
  • Add content to your website that revolves around your niche idea.
  • Sign up with online retailers that sell your product you write about.  Amazon is a great place to affiliate with when starting out doing this.
  • Create product links from your site to Amazon.
  • Learn how to use social media to promote your website.
  • Educate yourself regarding on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so your website gets found by Google.
  • Keep writing articles and adding product reviews over time.  More website content means you have a better chance of getting found online.

Where Can I Learn How To Do Affiliate Marketing?

I’m going to be honest.  Learning to blog and to do affiliate marketing does take some time to learn and get started doing.

Most any new job you start requires some training to learn the ropes, and this is no different.

People who start doing this type of work learn as they go.  It’s how I learned, and it took me about a month to really get a grasp on how it all fits together.

There are places you can go online to learn how work online from the comfort of your own home.  I went through a place called Wealthy Affiliate.

They taught me how affiliate marketing works and how to get my website noticed by people.

Want to learn more about affiliate marketing and starting an amazing online business from home?  Then check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

I show you everything they offer, and they are now free to sign up and join!

What Are The Benefits Of An Online Business In Affiliate Marketing?

Many online businesses that you can start from home are based on contract work; article writing, photography, survey taking, and data entry.  You take on jobs and get paid when the job is completed.

Affiliate marketing is not like that.  When I write a blog about a product and put it on one of my websites, that blog can continue to make me money for a very long time.

It’s called making a passive income.  It means I do the work once, and I can continue to get paid long after I completed the work.

I have blogs I wrote about fishing and camping gear that are nearly eighteen months old, and I still make money from them every couple of days.

I love that.

Here are some more benefits of affiliate marketing:

  • I can work anywhere I can carry my laptop as long as there is a WiFi connection.  Yeah, I can work at home, but I can also go on vacation to Europe and still work on my websites.  I can move to another State and it will not disrupt my online business.
  • There is no product overhead.  You just need a computer and an internet connection to do business.
  • I don’t need to worry about people returning product I recommend… the online retailer handles everything.  You just write about items you like to use and suggest were people can got to buy them.
  • There are no customer calls to receive or make.  You don’t have to talk anybody.
  • Be your own boss.  Work when you want, where you want, and dress how you like.
  • I have four websites and I spend about 2-3 hours per day working, and that’s it.  Work less and have more free time.
  • It costs nothing to get started.

Start Your Own Online Business – Conclusion

Affiliate Marketing is a great online business - learn to do it, Earn Your Success!

Affiliate Marketing is a great online business – learn to do it, Earn Your Success!

Starting an online business has never been easier, and you can start within the next few minutes.  All you need to do is create an account with Wealthy Affiliate.  They provide a couple free websites and some free training.

If you want to learn more about what I do and how I affiliate marketing works, then I suggest you check out my web page article about How To Work At Home.

Of course you can also learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and everything that have to offer in teaching you affiliate marketing, just click here.



Learn How To Work At Home!

Have a hobby or a personal interest you know a lot about?  You can turn your love of that hobby into a thriving online business just like I did!

Learn Affiliate Marketing and Earn Your Online Success!

Put your wallet away, because it costs nothing to get started...

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