Free Website Hosting – Good Idea Or Bad?

Is free website hosting worth it? You may be find that 'free' is not all it cracked up to be.

Is free website hosting worth it? You may be find that ‘free’ is not all it cracked up to be.

Looking for free website hosting?  I can point you in the right direction where you can get two free websites and free website hosting.  All you need is an email address to get signed up.  Moments after getting your email registered you can be building a WordPress website of your very own!

Keep reading and I will provide a link where you can get access to those two free websites and the hosting.

Is free website hosting worth it?  That’s something you need to ask yourself.  I guess it depends on what you want to do with your websites.  If you are looking to create a family website or even a blog for friends and family to read, free website hosting and the sub-domain sites that come with it are probably just fine to use.

However, if you are looking to do something more with your website and hosting, then you may want to avoid going with free hosting.  In this blog I post I will tell why you may not want to use free website hosting.

Where To Get Free Website Hosting And Two Free Websites

If you have an email address you can go here and sign up to get free website hosting and two free websites that allow you to use WordPress as your Content Management System.  The link takes you to Wealthy Affiliate, an Affiliate Marketing and blog hosting site.  Along with the hosting and website they also offer some free training on setting up a website – if you have no experience with such things.

You can also pay for premium web hosting there, which gives you more perks.  But if you are looking for free website hosting, it’s a good place to go and get it.

Free Website Hosting – Is Free Really Worth It?

Free hosting for your websites is tempting.  I admit it, I started out online with a couple free websites and thought it was great.  For people looking to run a simple blog that that they only expect family and friends to read, or a family website, free hosting is probably the way to go.

However, if you are creating a website that you want to get noticed and found by people doing Google searches, then you are going to be much better off going with hosting that you pay for.  Especially if you are looking to monetize your website and have it earn you an online income.

There are some pretty major differences between free website hosting and paid hosting.  Let’s take a look.

Free Website Hosting – What’s Good About It

Really, the only good thing about hosting that is free is this:

  • It’s free!  No out of pocket costs for having a website sub-domain and hosting.  Great way to teach yourself about building a website.  It’s also great for family sites.

Free Website Hosting – What’s Bad About It

Let’s just jump straight in this:

  • Google and the other big search engines don’t trust new websites, and free websites such as sub-domains.  There are a lot of spam and scam websites out there, and sadly many of them are of the free variety.  Not having trust with Google means your website is not likely to get found easily through organic searches.
  • Free website hosting is not overly reliable.  Most hosting sites providing free hosting put the free sites on older servers that are crowded and stuffed with other free sites.  That means your website is going to load slower and has a better chance of having problems with crashes and downtown.
  • Lack of customer support is another negative.  If something technical goes wrong with your site, and it will eventually, you are on your own.  Free web hosting does not include any I.T. support.
  • Less control over your website is another factor of free website hosting.  Providers of free hosting limit the size of your website can be.  They may not allow for advertising, they may not allow many pictures or videos to be loaded, and you may be limited on what WordPress themes you can use on your website.  All of these things will negatively impact your ability to make money from your website, if that is your goal.

Above are the biggest and most negative concerns about using free website hosting.

Benefits of Paying For Your Hosting

Website hosting is not that expensive.  You can buy and own a website domain name for anywhere from $6 – $16 per year.  I own this domain, Earn Your Success .com, and if I recall correctly I pay around $12 to own it per year.

Website hosting that I pay for allows me to host as many as 25 websites that I own, and costs me less than $30 per month, or $359 per year.  I pay for premium hosting for my website here.  I monetize all my websites, and earn as I write this post roughly $3000 per month through a few websites.  So it more than pays for itself.

Here are some benefits of paying for hosting:

  • Search engines like Google trust websites that are owned and have paid for hosting.  That means it’s easier to get found when people do internet searches for content that your website pertains to.  Getting found means more visitors, and on a website that is monetized that means making more money.
  • The premium hosting I pay for is highly stable and reliable.  The servers my websites are being hosted on are updated often and run at peak efficiency.  They are also not overcrowded with other websites being hosted.  That means they load faster, which is another thing users and Google likes.
  • Along with my paid hosting I get 24/7 support for any technical issues I may have with my hosting and websites.  That right there is a huge relief.  I like knowing that I can get help with website issues, because my knowledge of how things ‘work’ is limited.
  • I have full control over my websites.  I can use most plugins I want and have little to no hindrances on what I do with my websites.  This makes monetizing a site supper easy.
  • Because I pay for hosting I also get excellent community benefits from my hosting provider, such as free training on support on how to monetize my websites to their fullest potential.  Making money online is easy, fun, and a great way to make a passive income.

Free Hosting – It’s Not Bad, But Is It Good?

Like I said above, free hosting is great if you are just looking to share online with friends and family, and perhaps advertise through social media.  Free website hosting is also great for people looking to learn how websites work and website building.

Eventually most people turn to paid hosting for the various benefits.  Hosting is not that expensive, especially when you can reap the benefits from monetizing a website and earn a nice income.

Looking to learn more about blogging and website monetizing?  I got involved in that two years ago and now make a nice side income from it.  You can learn more about doing that at my #1 recomended online hosting site.  They provide free hosting and pad hosting, as well as some training on monetizing a website.  For more information check out my Wealthy Affiliate review for all the details about how to work at home.


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