Thinking Of Joining Fix Monthly Income? Get The Facts Firsts!

Thanks for checking out my Fix Monthly Income Review.  I always like to point out on such reviews if I am affiliated with the program in question.  I am not at all affiliate with Fix Monthly Income in any way, shape or form.

All of the information in my review is based on research I that I conducted online.  Thinking of joining Fix Monthly Income?  If so, you should take a little time and check out some other reviews online about this program before you decide to join or not.

Is Fix Monthly Income A Scam?

Sadly there are thousands and thousands of online scams out there.  Some studies indicate that for every viable means of making money from home online there are 70+ scams.  You need to be careful and do diligent research when looking to find work online.

The bad news is that in my opinion Fix Monthly Income is a scam, and a bad one at that.

I always say that if something is to good to be true, especially in the world on making money online from the comfort of your home, it probably is.  Learn how to spot a work at home scam here.

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Fix Monthly Income Review

Some of the most common online scams you can come across online are those that want you to buy a product or a system about making money online.  There are several great ways to make money online, but they all require you to do some work and put some time and effort into it.  Anything that promises fast money, or easy money, is pretty much guaranteed to be total scam.

The premise behind Fix Monthly Income is that you post links on the internet; places like in message forums, social media sites, and other such places.  They claim that anytime somebody clicks on one of your links you will make $5.  If you refer somebody else to join their program you also get a bonus $5 for each person who signs up.

Sounds pretty simple, right?  It sounds like a darn easy way to make money sitting on your butt at home, right?  Well, that should be one of the first flags to indicate that this could be a scam.

I never post links to online sites like this that I think are a scam, but another thing that stood out to me was all the poor grammar on their website.  I am not anywhere close to being perfect when it comes to the blogs I write, but come on, their sites reads horrible with lots of spelling and grammar errors.  To me this indicates a fly by night web scam.

Another thing that sticks out, in what looks to be a link posting scam, is that there seems to be a lack of legal information on the page.  In many cases even scam sights have some legal jargon, but this one has nothing.  This is a huge red flag.

How They Claim You Earn Money

When you join Fix Monthly Income, you pay them nearly $50 and provide them with your contact information.  They then provide you with links to post out on the world wide web.

When and if people click on your links you are supposed to earn $5 per click.  So if you get 500 clicks on links you post you should make $2500.  That’s a lot of money… for that kind of link clicking to get paid that is an insane amount of money, which is another huge flag that this is a scam.  Most legit banner adds and pay per click adds pay around $0.05 per click.  That means places like Google, that are legit companies, pay you on average about $0.05 per click.  500 clicks would earn you $25 in the real world of inline pay per click link posting.

What Fix Monthly Income is trying to do is trick the novice and uninformed into joining their program by making false claims.  They want your $49 you pay to join, and they want your contact information.

Getting Paid

I had a hard time finding how they pay.  Most of research in this area hit a dead end.  But I did find some negative feedback from people who had claimed they joined Fix Monthly Income and then never got paid.  Check out the screen shot below to see what I mean:

It appears Fix Monthly Income does not pay out.

It appears Fix Monthly Income does not pay out.

There is no reason why they should need your social security number to pay you.  Please do not ever give out your social security number to any unknown entities online like this.  With your social security number and contact information your identity can easily be stolen and loans taken out in your name.

Fix Monthly Income – It’s Just A Bad Idea To Join

It comes down to this; in my opinion Fix Monthly Income is a big scam.

Fixed Monthly Income is preying on the naive and uninformed in the ways of making money online.  They want to first get $49 from you when you join.  Then they want your contact information.  Lastly when they tell you that you can get paid they get you to hand them your social security number – and then you don’t get paid.

You lose!

Avoid them at all costs.

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