Finding The Time To Start Working At Home

Finding the time to start working at home.

Finding the time to start working at home.

I have been seeing a reoccurring concern from many people looking to start an at home business.  They want to start working for themselves but seem to be concerned with finding the time.  They may have a regular job they work full time, and then have family responsibilities on top of that.  It’s easy to find yourself feeling swamped and unsure how to work time into an already busy schedule.

It’s not going to be easy.  But if you really want to make a transition to stop working for an employer and start working for yourself at home YOU NEED TO FIND THE TIME.  Nobody else is going to hand you success on a silver platter, you have to Earn Your Success.  You have to be the one to make it happen.  And it may not be easy.

Finding The Time To Start Working At Home – Get Started!

Listen, I know first hand how hard it can be.  My wife and I still work full time jobs, but thankfully we are getting very close to at least her being able to quit her job and just worry about working on our websites at home.  Finding time is hard.  Especially when first starting out.

When starting out with my own work at home business I struggled to get my first niche website up.  I knew the faster I got it setup with some quality main theme content, the easier it would be to add supporting content in my spare time.  There was also a lot of learning I needed to do, because I have no real experience with creating a niche website.

I was a real struggle at time, but the actual learning was fairly easy.  I was surprised that once I started digging in at how easy building a website actually was.  Anybody can do it.  But finding the time was difficult at first.

TIP:  I got up and hour earlier every day and set that time aside ONLY for working on my new business.

TIP:  At the end of the day, after work, after all the house chores my wife and I had and the time we set aside for family, I would stay up an hour later than normal and set that time aside ONLY for working on my new business.

You have so start somewhere.  If you really want to make a transition to being able to work for yourself one day, you need to make sacrifices and GET STARTED.  Is getting up an hour earlier and staying up an hour later worth being able to someday work for yourself?

It was to me.  So that is how I started out.

You Have To Start Sometime

Even when away from your home you can be thinking and brainstorming about your business. Take some notes for later!

Even when away from your home you can be thinking and brainstorming about your business. Take some notes for later!

Where else can you sneak in the time?  Do you have an hour lunch break at work?  Do you have a half hour?  Maybe you can’t actually sit at a computer during those times and work on a niche website, but perhaps you can bring some notes you have taken to review.  Or maybe you can spend that time brainstorming ideas for your niche website.  Motivate yourself and make it happen.

If you are away from home and don’t have access to a computer and internet, it doesn’t mean you cannot work on your business.  Brainstorm and write down notes for later.

Do you have spare time in the evening after dinner when the kids are doing homework?

Maybe don’t watch that TV show you like to follow.  Sacrifice is part of starting up your own business.  What are you willing to sacrifice now so you have more time later on… a lot more time.

Ask yourself what you can do to find time.  And then do it.


The good news is that after you get a few weeks under your belt of finding time and applying that time towards your business, you are going to discover that it becomes a natural occurrence and not an burden or inconvenience.

The thing that I like the most about affiliate marketing and building niche websites is that it will become a passive form of income.  Once you have a website up with lots of good content and people are finding it and reading it, all you need to do is answer some questions in comments, maybe write a new post once a week.  I have three sites that I work about seven hours a week on in total, and they are making me money.  Each month they earn a little more and more.  If I add a couple more sites (which I plan to so very soon), my wife and I will both be quitting our day jobs to work part-time at home.

Start finding the time, and get started!

Start finding the time, and get started!

Imagine getting to that point in your affiliate marketing where you have a couple niche websites up and they are making you enough money so you can quite your job.  Now imagine that you only need to spend four to ten hours per week actually working on them.  Doesn’t that sound fantastic?  Work from home for about ten hours a week and make enough to quite your day job.  That’s your at home job you want!

Doesn’t sound like it would be worth it to find that extra time in your day to work on a home business?  So you don’t have to work nearly as hard later…

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