Facebook On Fire Review 2020 – Big Scam Or Money Making Opportunity

Facebook on Fire Review - is it a scam? Yep!

Facebook on Fire Review – is it a scam? Yep!

Facebook on Fire claims you can make hundreds daily online.  But is Facebook on Fire a scam?

Making an extra $300 or more per day sure sounds nice, doesn’t it?  Imagine being able to do just that by fooling around on Facebook by posting, liking, and sharing posts.  That is exactly what the Facebook on Fire online money making plan tells you that you can do to earn easy money.  Sounds pretty good?  Sure it does!  That’s why I’m doing a Facebook on Fire review.

First, as usual, I want to point out that I am no way associated with Facebook on Fire and its creator, ‘Joseph Magnum’.  My review is based on research I did online and my opinion of this money making system is just that, my own.  If you are looking to sign up and give Facebook on Fire a try, then I strongly suggest you go online and check out a few other reviews before making an informed decision.

Facebook On Fire Review – The Low Down!

So I started writing this review a few days ago, and now today I can’t find the website for this program online, nor the Facebook page, which Facebook shows is no longer available.  This money making system is also known as “FB Freedom Cash”, and I can’t seem to find anything about that now either.

So what does this tell us?  Is Facebook On Fire A Scam?  It is nothing more than an elaborate online scam?

Sadly, I had spent a few hours the past couple days outlining my blog post for Facebook on Fire, and how I was going to relay that in my opinion it was a scam.  But now that is kind of pointless to do since none of the online sites related to it are up and available.

UPDATE 11/16/2018: Facebook On Fire has appeared once again online since I posted this review

Is Facebook On Fire A Scam?

Basically Facebook on Fire wants you to pay them $47 for their proven method on how to make money posting, sharing, and liking things on Facebook.  By doing so they claim you can earn $3475.65 per day (yes, they claim you will make precisely that much).

The creator of the system, Joseph Magnum, says he overheard a conversation between Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg while he was a waiter at a restaurant they were eating at.  Being a sly guy, he says he managed to use his cell phone to hide it near their table and record their meeting conversation, which is where he says he learned of a huge loophole in the Facebook system that allows people to make easy money fast.

For $47 bucks, he was sharing his great loophole discovery with 100 lucky people.

So far it all sounds like a load of BS.  And is must have been, because now his sites are nowhere to be found.

I am sure though, with time, it will pop up again with another name and a new twist.  So be aware of what you are reading here in case a week or two from now something new shows up with similar circumstances.

More than likely Facebook got wind if the scam and shut it down fast with their big hammer.  Check out their policies page here.  And check out their security page here.

Facebook On Fire: To Good To Be True

Remember, if a money making opportunity comes along that sounds to good to be true it probably is.  Easy money online is not a reality.  Sure, you can go and take silly surveys or watch sales videos online and get paid some pocket change.  But making real money that makes a difference in your life takes effort and some work – period!  There is no way around that.

Again, if something sounds to good to be true, like this Facebook on Fire scam, or whatever it is going to be called when it pops up as a different titled opportunity, it likely is a scam.

They claim that they will pay you $500 just for watching their introduction video.  Of course that is also a lie, it’s just done to entice you to watch their compelling video to try and hook you in even more.  How do I know it’s a lie?  Because I watched the video, and I’ll never get that lost time back in my life.  What a waste of time!

Don’t waste your time with the notorious Facebook On Fire scam.  Find another means to make money online that is not a scam, something that you can be proud of doing and not embarrass yourself in front of friends and family, like blogging.  That’s how I make money online; as a blogger.

Make Real Money Online

I heavily promote as a means of making money online as blogging and writing product reviews.  That’s called Affiliate Marketing, and it works because it’s actual work.  You have to put some effort into it and it pays off as a means to make a long lasting passive income.  Facebook on Fire can’t do that.

This is how I make money online.  I created this website to promote ways to work at home.  I also do research on online scams and try and point them out to people.

So if you are serious about learning how to make money online, real money, and you are not afraid of putting in some work and learning something new, check out any of the links at the top of my page, especially the ‘How To Work At Home” page, or the ‘Wealthy Affiliate Review‘ page.

Both of those pages will give you some good insight into what affiliate marketing is and how you can get started AT NO OUT OF POCKET COST.

Wrapping Up My Facebook On Fire Review

Is Facebook on Fire A scam?  It most certainly is.  Don’t fall for it.  If you are looking for real online work then snoop around this website.  I have links and information on how you can legitimately do just that, and make a comfortable living too.

Avoid online scams like Facebook on Fire.  Be sure to search out valid reviews of any online money making opportunity you come along.  For every single valid means of making money online there are more than seventy scams out there.  That sucks!

If you are serious about starting an at home business working at home, then check out my Wealthy Affiliate review.  You will be surprised at what you learn.

Update 11/2018: Since having written this post about Facebook On Fire, I have received numerous emails from people claiming to have been scammed by them.  They are still out there, buyer beware.  They also have little charges that might appear on your debit or credit card aside from the monthly fee they charge.  Keep an eye on your spending records, and beware of Facebook on Fire.

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