EditFast Review – Is It Legit Or A Big Scam?

Thanks for checking out my review of EditFast.  If you’re here, you’ve likely heard of EditFast (EF) and are looking for more information.

Before I get started I would like to say I am not associated with EF in any way.  The below information is based on my own research.  I would encourage everybody reading this post thinking about joining EF to do some additional research beyond what I have shared here.

If you are interested in working from home and have some excellent skills at editing, you can probably work for EF.

EF is not a scam.

EditFast – What Is It?

EF is freelance website for people who are good at editing… I mean, really good at editing.  If you can get accepted as an editor at EF you have a chance of editing work being sent your way via EF.  And you also have a chance of work coming to you direct from the end customer.

Partial screenshot image from the EditFast website. Clean and professional, just as I would expect.

Partial screenshot image from the EditFast website. Clean and professional, just as I would expect.

You see, some customers like to have EF handle all the work of editing whatever content they need edited.  Other times people like to find their own editors, and can use an internal search function inside EF to find specefically the kind of editor they are looking for.

Example: if you have expertise in editing legal documents, you can include your editing skill for such documents in your EF profile, and some customers can find you directly.

So there are two different ways you can get work through EF.  Direct from EF, which is never guaranteed, or through searches in EF that bring people to your own website that you need to create.

Whichever way you get work, each project you sign on to do will have an agreed upon price and a specific deadline to complete the work.

Work is assigned if you show you have the capability to handle the job.  So there is a need to prove yourself and your capabilities in order to get work sent direct via EF.

You will need to complete the work, submit it, and then have it approved before you can get paid.

EditFast Job Requirements – Hard To Qualify For

I want to point out that EF is one very strict company to get approved for.  You really do need to be qualified to be able to sign up and get approved to work for EF.

Here is a list of the requirements pulled direct from their website:

• A college degree from a recognized university (It doesn’t specify 2 or 4 year degree)
• A wide variety of reading interests
• A computer with an Internet connection
• The usual word processing software experience (Word is probably at the top of their list)
• Past editing/proofreading experience
• Computer/Internet savvy

Just so you are aware, yes, they do screen and qualify you.  And if one things stand out at as unsatisfactory they will decline to sign you up.  They are very strict.  Oddly enough I like that about them.

So on top of the listed requirements above they also have a list of what they call ‘useful qualifications’ that are worth knowing about.  Check them out below:

  • Professional editing experience
  • Courses in proofreading/editing
  • A degree in English
  • Experience with editing documents that have been translated by non-native speakers
  • Specialized knowledge for specific fields of writing such as:
    • Medical
    • Technical
    • Computing
    • Mechanical
    • Patents
    • Literary Works
    • Novels
    • Translated business documents
    • Scholarly journal articles
    • Telecommunications

So when you look over their list of required qualifications and useful recommended qualifications, you get a sense that these guys at EF don’t fool around.

I wonder what they pay?

EditFast – What Do They Pay?

I have no clue.  From everything I have been able to discover the payout depends on the size of the project.

Project payment is agreed upon before taking on a job.  But EF takes a whopping 40% cut of any job.  That may or may not be excessive.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that people work for EF and like it.  It also sounds like when you negotiate with a potential new customer for editing work you will want to increase your pay to compensate for EF’s cut.

Some references I have read about EF is that some people make $1000 per week.  Which is not too shabby for an at home job.

Is that amount typical?  I don’t know.  I wish I had more information in this area, but I just can’t find it.  I suspect I would have to join up and get accepted to find out what an average job could pay.

I also suspect that if you are starting out with EF that you will need to prove yourself by completing lower tier work.  As you prove yourself competent you can get awarded other higher paying jobs, and also be referred to handle higher payer jobs.

How To join Up With EditFast

If you meet their strict requirements you can apply on their website.

I never provide website links to any of the third party reviews I do.  But you can easily find EditFast by doing a simple search in google.  They pop right up.

There are four inline steps you must pass when applying.  They are:

  1. Resume Builder
  2. Pass Editing Exams
  3. Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement
  4. Web Page Builder

Once you get through those steps you may have to wait a while to hear back from the staff at EF.  And when I say a while, I mean a few weeks.

If you get accepted you can get your EF website up and running and start getting project notifications.

Just so you are aware, approval processes like this are not unusual for many writing and editing companies.  They usually need to test you and qualify you.  They can’t have just anybody coming along and saying they can edit medical documents.

People go to such companies because they have a valid need.  And editing companies need to maintain a respectable and capable air.

EditFast – Conclusion

I looked hard to find any negative reports out there on EF.  I couldn’t find any.  So that’s a good sign.  EF is not scam.  It is a legit business that you can work through as an editing or writer.

However, if you like to write and edit I would suggest you seriously check out blogging and doing affiliate marketing.  You can do that on a website you own, as your own business, and make a very good income.

What is nice about blogging on your own page is that you can write about what you want to write about.

Interested in learning more about blogging and affiliate marketing, check out my #1 recommended at home job here.

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