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Here we are in 2018, almost halfway through the month of February.  Time goes by fast.  Looking back to January 1st it seems to me like it was just a few days ago.

If you are thinking about getting into blogging and Affiliate Marketing – do so now.  The sooner you start, the sooner you can start earning an at home income.  This kind of work takes time to build up and generate an income from, so don’t waste any time getting started.

Reading this blog you will see that I promote Wealthy Affiliate as a place to go and learn about this type of work.  It costs nothing to sign up and get started learning to do.  Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review for the full details.

So What’s New At Earn Your Success?

It has been a crazy week.  The stock markets have taken a beating all week long.  My free time this week has been spent watching the markets, and spending time doing maintenance on my various websites.

Website maintenance is important.  Every couple months I will stake a week or two off and not post as much on my sites, and instead go back and look at old posts.  Old posts can be updated, and adding new content and new information is a way to keep your entire site valuable to your readers.  Not just new readers, but old readers as well.

So I want to take a little time and remind my friends who I network with about Affiliate Marketing, to take time now and then and look at old posts and pages.  Update them.  Don’t delete old content, but update content and add updates notes to them.

Google like that, and it helps your site’s page rankings.

I expect to be doing more site maintenance through the weekend.  Next week I will be back with a new review on a scam I came across online.


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