Earn Your Success – Taking Vacations

One thing that is great about working online on websites you own is this:  you can work pretty much anywhere you want, when you want.

Case in point, say you like to travel the world and see the sights.  Well, most places you can probably have internet/WiFi and you can bring a laptop and still work on your online business as a blogger and Affiliate Marketing.

Usually that is the case, for most people.

Going On Vacation Without WiFi!

For me on my next little vacation I don’t have the ability to take my laptop and keep blogging.  I am going into the wilderness, and there is no electricity, no cell towers to get phone signals from, no WiFi.  No kidding, I will be in the far north in the wilderness, far away from civilization bushcraft camping.

My wife and the kids will be holding down the house while I am away for several days, but as you can imagine, my blogging work will lapse for a while.  But income will still be coming in… it’s how making a passive income online works.  I love it!

I just wanted everybody to know who reads this blog (and my others that will get similar postings like this one), that I will be away for several days.  Sadly (and gladly) I will not be able to answer emails and post.  I am going to do a complete disconnect from the technical world while I am away.

Thanks Everybody!


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