Affiliate Marketers: Don’t Rush To Quit Your Day Job!

Don't rush to quit your day job

Don’t rush to quit your day job

I know the people who get into affiliate marketing are trying to find a means to work for themselves.  They want to work at home and be their own boss.  On top of that they want to quit their day jobs and get out of that daily grind!

I know, because I am an affiliate marketer.  Spending my free time blogging and writing product reviews is what I do aside from my day job.  I make a nice chunk of money every month as an affiliate marketer… but I still work my day job!

Don’t Rush To Quit Your Day Job!

I have not quit my day job, and if you are new to affiliate marketing you shouldn’t either.

Before you quit your day job you need to have a plan in place.  There are certain criteria you need to meet before you make that big leap.  Everybody is different.  My criteria for quitting my day job is going to be different than yours.

Before I quit my day job I need to have my mortgage paid off.  Once I am done paying off my house, I am going to be free!  Not having a house payment every month is going to loosen up a lot of money my wife and I need to budget every month.  Also, when I quit my day job I will no longer have health benefits that are covered by an employer.  If I want to have those kind of insurance benefits after I quit, I will need to pay for them myself.

So as you can see, two of my criteria are to pay off my mortgage and to be able to pay for health benefits on my own moving forward.

It All Comes Down To Understanding Your Budget

Most people know what their monthly bills are.  They know what they need to make every month to pay those bills.  So it boils down to making enough money to cover your bills.

However, what new bills will you have if you quit that day job.  For me I loose benefits and need to cover them myself for peace of mind.  So I need to have money coming in to cover things that my employer in part covered when I worked for them.

Everybody is going to be different.  You need to figure out what your criteria will be for quitting your day job.  You need to project what your monthly budget could be… what it will be when you quit your day job to work for yourself at home as an affiliate marketer.

Put In Your Time And Build A Foundation – Then Quit

Make sure your blogging site or sites are solid.  What I mean is that you need to be absolutely sure you site or sites will generate you income on a regular basis.  What would happen if you are making good money online from your website, then quit your day job, and then your site starts to loose monthly income?

You know what I do to prevent that?  I have more thane one website that I work and make an income from.  You have probably heard the old saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.  Well, I don’t.  I have a few different website I own and do affiliate marketing from, and I plant to add a couple more.

If one site starts to slip and and stop earning me money, I have other to fall back on, and I can always add more as needed.  That hasn’t happened yet, but some day could.

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