Do Blog Comments Help SEO? You Bet!

Do you ever wonder if comments to your blog posts do your page any good?  When I was first starting out as a blogger I didn’t know the answer to that question.

Now I do know.  I know without a doubt.  Yes, comments to your pages and posts most certainly help your content get ranked and found.

Yes! Blog Comments Help SEO Ranking!

I hope my blog post will change the way you look at your own blog postings, as well as page comments.

Blog comments can and do play a large role in getting content ranked.

But let’s examine another thing that helps page ranking along with comments, and that is page length.

The length of a post matters as well.  Yoast SEO says you should have a minimum of 300 words.  Most online sources say between 600 and 1200.

But believe it or not, the more word content you have in a post the better it can rank.

Google loves sharing information.  If they think your post has a lot to offer it is going to rank better.  Longer posts tend to have more information, and Google likes that.

You can’t just spew useless dribble.  The content has to be good.  It has to be informative and share information.

According to a study that was done by SERPIQ, the greater the length of the page content the better it will rank.

SERPIQ shows that the less words in a post reflects in the page position for a topic.

SERPIQ shows that the less words in a post reflects in the page position for a topic.

On average post that have more than 1200 words are going to rank better.

Do you have a hard time writing lengthy content?  Don’t let that worry you too much; any comments your post gets contribute to the page count total, even comments that are ‘no follow’.

Yep, your post’s comments are included in the word count of your post.

Lengthy posts with good information are also going to generate more natural back licks – which also helps on page SEO.

Good Quality Comments Versus Bad Comments

You don’t want just any old comments left.  You want good quality comments.

Yes, there is a difference.

Comments, good comments that support the context of the post are going to provide natural and alternative keyword variations.  That means ranking for different keywords on your post topic that will help you get found.

Irrelevant comments that do nothing to support your post will do you no good.  They could even harm your post ranking if they have all sorts of unrelated links and context.

Even ‘no follow’ website comments can suffer from bad commenters.

Blog Comments Are Good For SEO – Conclusion

Comments on your blog, good and bad, do in fact have an impact on your rankings.

When people leave a comment make sure you respond and respond big – it helps!  Even your reply comments help!

It shows social interaction on the page, and Google likes seeing that.  It means the page content is talk worthy.

Don’t be worried about deleting bad comments that offer no support to your content.  Such comments don’t help, and can impede ranking.

Getting your blog found and sharing your content is important.  Especially if you are like me and monetize your sights through affiliate marketing.

You want to get your website found!  Getting ranked well means getting found, and that means being able to make more money.

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