Is Affiliate Marketing For You?

Work At home.  Set your own hours.  Wear what you want.  Have more free time for friends and family.  No products to buy or sell.  No phone calls to deal with.  No commuter rat-race.  No deadlines to make.  Have freedom to travel.  Be your own boss.  Find your financial independence... Earn yourself a lucrative income you can live off of.


Getting Started

This page is all about how to start your own blog and monetize it to make a full time income for you and your family.

How To Start A Blog To Make Money

If you’re here it’s because you want to start a blog and earn an income from it.  It can be done.  In fact it’s pretty simple to do, but it does take a little work and effort.  If it didn’t, then everybody would be doing it.

Learn how to work at home online and make an income big enough to live on.

Learn how to work at home online and make an income big enough to live on.

Being a blogger is a great way to be your own boss and work at home.  Wear what you want, work when you want, blog about things that are interesting to you, and interact with people who share your interests.  Best of all you can make a full income doing it.

So let’s jump into this!  I’m going to tell you how you can get started today – for free!  The information I am about to share is good for both novices and those who have web experience.

I am going to tell you the following:

  1. How to go about choosing an idea, or niche for your blog
  2. Where to go and ‘start’ your blog and get it online (for free)
  3. Various ways to monetize a blog to make money
  4. Where you can go to get free websites to use, free hosting, and free training on how to make money from a blog

Start Your Own Blog – What To Blog About?

Most bloggers start a website that focuses on a niche, or theme.  This website you are on now is all about learning how to work at home.  I also have a another blog all about camping and the outdoors.  I know a lot about both of those subjects, so I find it very easy to blog about them.

Most bloggers do that; they blog about things they know a lot about, or hobbies they have.

The first thing you need to do is to decide what you want to blog about.  It should be a ‘niche’, meaning you want to create a blog that focuses on a specific topic.  A topic could be anything really; camping, crock pot cooking, jogging, acoustic guitars, stock investing, shoes, laptops, politics, kids toys, video gaming, movies, BBQ cooking… it can be anything.

When you’re done reading this web post, sit down and create a list of ten things you enjoy doing and know a lot about.  Any ideas on your list can be a blog you create, and a means to make yourself money online.

Where To Go To Start Your Blog (For Free)

Every blogger needs a few things to get started and do this kind of work.  Let’s take a look at what you need:

  1. You need a computer or hand held tablet.  Computers are best, but I do know some people who blog via their handheld tablet devices.
  2. You need to be able to access the internet with your computer or tablet.
  3. You need a website domain.  A website domain is the name of your website.  This website is called Earn Your Success and it is a .net domain extension.  Other domain types are .com, .org, .info… to name a few.
  4. You also need to have a place to host your website… website hosting.

If you have a computer or tablet with WiFi you can start a blog today for free.

Most professional bloggers who do this kind of work as an at home career pay for their domain names (they own them) and pay for web hosting.  There are perks for owning your own domain name and paying for the web hosting.  However, with that said, you can start for free.  You don’t have to pay for those things.  But just so you are aware, buying your own domain name costs about $12 per year on average.  Paying for web hosting costs around $29-$49 per month.

I make around $3500.00 per month blogging part time at home.  I pay around $33 per month to pay for my web hosting and domain names.  That’s cheap, and the perks are worth it.

But I am going to show you where you can start blogging today for free.  Get your feet wet!  Test this out!  See if you like it!

Free Websites and Free Hosting

If you go to this link, Wealthy Affiliate/SiteRubix, you can create an account with just an email address.  Once you do that you have access to the following:

  • Two free websites to use as your own
  • Free website hosting
  • Free step by step training on starting your own website for blogging

Like I said, it costs nothing to sign up.  You just need an email address.  It’s free, and you’ll have the two website and web hosting for those 2 websites forever – at no cost!  That’s hard to beat.

If you get serious about blogging, usually after you start making some money, most bloggers do register their own website names and pay for hosting – like I said, there are perks for doing it.  Perks that can help you make more money from your blog.

My advice is to NOT pay for any website hosting or buy a domain of your own until you know 100% you want to be blogger.  When you decide you want to do this kind of work and have no doubts in your mind, then you should certainly pay for web hosting, as it can make a huge difference on how much money you can earn through your website.

Once you click on the link Wealthy Affiliate/SiteRubix, you will be directed to create an account with your email address, and only your email address.  Once that is complete you may be asked to answer a couple questions and create a ‘profile’.

Whether you take those steps or not, you want to click on the green “Get Started Here” button… and you will start some free training that teaches you about the website and how to start your own blog, for free.

Or, you can click on the blue “SiteRubix” button and jump right into building a website blog.  If you decide to do this first, I strongly suggest at a later time you go back and click on the green ‘Get Started Here’ button… the step by step instructional training is great and will get you up and running fast.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate/Siterubix?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online site domain registration company.  People looking to own and register their own websites can do so from there.  They also provide free and premium web hosting services.  On top of that they also train people how to start blogs and how to monetize their websites.

They provide free websites, free hosting, and some free training, to help people get started as bloggers making money online.  They also provide the paid services as well, for those who are serious of making a career at blogging.  I do all my web hosting through them.  Each month I pay roughly $33 for their premium web hosting services.  I use their services because I like what they offer, and promote them here on this website.

Various Ways To Monetize A Website To Make Money

Once you have your niche website idea and your website, you need to know how to monetize it to make money.  There are a few ways to do that.  Basically you need to create content for your website by writing (blogging) on it.  Once you have content on your website people will be able to start finding it.

When people find your website you can make money.

The more people that find your website, the more money you can make.

I pull in a few thousand dollars a month, but I know other bloggers I network with that make as much as $10,000.00 per month.  The more work and content you can add to your site, the more people there are that find your site, which translates to the more money you are going to make.

Here is how you can monetize a website:

  • Sell advertising:  Once a lot of people start finding your blog everyday, companies will pay you hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars a month for you to put their advertising up on your site.
  • Add Google Adsense Pay Per Click Adds:  I am sure you have seen little adds off to the sides of websites before.  You can put them on your blog too, and when people click on them, if they see something that interests them, you get paid for each click.
  • Affiliate Marketing:  This is how I make a lot of my money online.  My main blog is about camping.  I blog about anything and everything camping related; places to go camp, tips, and gear I like to use.  When I blog about the gear I like to use I provide a link to a place online, like at Amazon, where people can go buy the product I am blogging about.  When they buy that item, and any other items during their Amazon visit, I make a sales commission.  It costs nothing to sign up with Amazon, or any other online retailer, so be an ‘affiliate’ for them and make sales commissions.

Those three items mentioned above are the primary ways bloggers make money from their websites.

Free Websites, Free Hosting, And Free Blogger Training

There are some steps you need to take to learn how to blog and make money.  The free training at Wealthy Affiliate will get you started fast.  They’ll teach you things like keyword research, SEO, and how to get people to find your website through organic Google searches as well as social media.

You can get started today for free, no cost what-so-ever, by clicking this link:  Wealthy Affiliate/SiteRubix.

Get Started Making Money Online: Be your own boss!

Get Started Making Money Online: Be your own boss!

If you are serious about wanting to get started as a blogger and learn how to make money online with a website, then that is the place to go.

I do all my web hosting through Wealthy Affiliate.  Be sure to look me up once you create your account.  I’ll be there to help!


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