Clickworker – Make Money Working At Home

Clickworker - Work from home part time online.

Clickworker – Work from home part time online.

Let me introduce you to Clickworker.  Most of the online ‘jobs’ I review on this website are scams.  Once in while there is one that isn’t, and is in fact an actual means of making money from home.  Clickworker is such a company.

Clickworker.com has been around since 2005 that specialized in internet data services.  Over the years it evolved into a microjob platform business.  It is similar to Amazon’s mTurk.

Clickworker – What Is A Microjob?

A microjob is a small task you can sign on to complete, usually it is something that takes a few minutes to several minutes to finish, and then you earn an income from each completed job.

Microjobs for Clickworker.com typically involve data entry, web research, surveys, writing, editing, translating, and much more.  Businesses posts jobs through Clickworker, and workers from at home all around the world can take them on and complete them.

The faster you are at completing tasks you sign up to do, the more money you can make.  How much money?  Currently Clickworker claims that their regular workers earn $10+ per hour.

How To Join Clickworker

Pretty much anyone can join Clickworker.com.  You will be required to create a user profile and then complete two different assessment tests.  Preferred speaking and typing skills that the tests are focused around is the English language.

Depending on how well you score on the assessments will depend on how you qualify to take on job tasks.

Once you complete the assessments you can check out the various microjob tasks available to you.  Each task has instructions that come with it, just follow the task instructions to complete the task.

You can get paid for completed tasks on a weekly or monthly basis after they are reviewed and approved.

Clickworker Work Is Limited Outside the United States

Most of the microjobs are available for United States citizens.  If living outside of the U.S., work through Clickworker may be scarce.

Clickworker.com works with UHRS (Universal Human Relevance System) for people living outside the U.S..  If living outside of the U.S., you’ll need to go through the UHRS site using Internet Explorer to check out the list of available microjobs and complete the tasks from there.

Inside the Clickworker website you can learn more details about using UHRS.  However, UHRS is not available in all countries, so check and make sure that it is before you sign up with if living outside the United States.

How Much Can You Really Earn With Clickworker?

Now that’s the big question, isn’t it?  How much can a person really make working at home through Clickworker.com?

Well, let me tell you that like with other microjob sites, Clickworker is not going to make you rich and wealthy.  How much you can make is subject to how quickly you can complete tasks for their customers.  From what I have researched most people earn about $5 to $20 per hour.

I know what you are thinking, that is a wide earnings gap.  People who are new to Clickworker.com are likely going to earn less.  Overtime as you learn the various common microjob tasks you will likely become more proficient at certain jobs.  When that happens you can possibly earn more.

On average Clickworker says most of their workers earn around $10 per hour.

Payments for competed work is done through PayPal or a bank account (SEPA countries).  Clickworker.com payments get processed wither once per week once you have earned their $10 threshold via PayPal, or monthly via bank deposits.

Problems With Clickworker

Clickworker claims to have a work force around the world of over 700,000 people.  The one big problem I have researched about Clickworker is that there may not always be enough tasks for their workers.  That means you will likely face some competition when trying to secure jobs with them.

I don’t think Clickworker is an ideal job for somebody looking to earn a full income they can live on.  I see it more as a part time job to earn a few extra bucks.


Is Clickworker.com For You?

People can certainly make money there.  How much money I guess depends on the current competition one faces when trying to secure microjobs to complete.

If you are looking for part time work to put a few extra dollars in your pocket, or something to do at home in the evenings when sitting in front of the television, then maybe Clickworker is for you.

If you are looking for a means to make a full income you can live on working at home, then I think Clickworker is not for you.

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