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Google Keyword Position Finder

Looking for a fast and easy to use Google keyword position finder tool?  I know I like to keep tabs on my posts and see how they are ranking, especially my cornerstone content pieces.  There are a handful of tools out there on the market that you can pay for and use to track keyword posts positions in Google, but I noticed sometimes they are not always accurate, or only search the first page or two of Google.

Granted the first page or two of Google is a good place to be.  The further back you go from there does not matter to much.  But I still like to know where my posts are and see if they are moving up.

There is a tool I use that can be used to do keyword research searches, it can help tell me detailed information about competitors websites, it can also tell me where I’m ranked on Google for specific posts and keywords, and so much more. Continue reading

How To Increase Traffic For Your Website

So you decided to start blogging and make an income from your niche website.  You’re probably searching all over the internet researching and asking how to increase traffic for your website.  I know, I’ve been there.  The more traffic you can get, the better potential you have to make some money.  You want traffic.  Lots and lots of website traffic.

Learning how to increase traffic for your website is one of the first things any serious blogger and affiliate marketer will want to do.  The faster you can get pages and posts added with targeted keywords the sooner you can start ranking in the search engines.

Of course site age also plays a part in getting ranked.  But there is nothing you can do about that.  It takes the passage of time to build site maturity.  Working on content with a variety of keywords targeted towards your niche is something you can do something about. Continue reading

How To Get More Website Traffic – Keyword Content!

How to get more website traffic

How to get more website traffic.

As a blogger and affiliate marketer trying to earn a sizable income from my couple websites, figuring out how to get more website traffic is something that is constantly on my mind.

In order to make a revenue off your websites, you must get traffic to your site.  The best way to do that is organically.  What I mean by that is this:  people need to find your website through searches they perform on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  Getting traffic through social media is great, but nothing beats being found through an organic search engine search.

When trying to work at home for yourself nothing is more frustrating than building up a niche website that is not getting found.  If you are not getting found people are not reading your stuff.  If they are not reading your stuff they are not clicking on your affiliate links to buy product so you make some money.

How To Get More Website Traffic

Continue reading

How To Make A Free Website

If you are looking to learn how to make a free website?  Look no further.  I can point you to the place to go.  Not only can you get two free websites, you also get free hosting.  Furthermore you can have your website setup and ready for you to add content to it in just a matter of minutes.

No webdesign experience needed.  No coding experience needed.  All you need a is an email address to create a free account.  Nothing else to buy.  Just signup and get two free websites for using WordPress themed pages and you are all set.

Don’t believe me?  I can show you a video detailing how easy it really is.

How To Make A Free Website – The Video!

Video showing how to make a free website and how to set it up quickly.

Video showing how to make a free website and how to set it up quickly.



Pleasantly Surprised – Website Is Getting Found!

Wanted to take a moment and share some interesting new about Earn Your Success.  As I write this post my website is about eighteen days old.  I have over seven pages and with this post there will be twenty-eight posts.  I have worked pretty hard to get this website built up and start sharing with people how they to can become bloggers and work from home.  Amazingly enough this website is getting found!

New blog website is getting found!

New blog website is getting found!

I mention in a few of my other posts around this site about how building up a new website can take time before seeing traffic from organic searches that originate from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  And that is correct… it does take time.

But I have never seen results this quick.  Then again, I have never built a website this quick with having added so much content at such a fast pace.

Anyway, the last few days I have seen organic traffic between 60-90 visitors per day.  And to be honest I am rather surprised by those numbers.  It is more than I would have expected for a site that is only a few weeks old! Continue reading