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Top SEO Mistakes You Should Fix Right Now!

Top SEO Mistakes You Should Fix Right Now!

What are the top SEO mistakes you can easily fix?

If you are like me you may be or may have struggled learning about onsite SEO and what it takes to make your posts Google friendly.  Getting love from Google and having posts show up high in searches is key to making money fora n affiliate marketer.  Over the past couple years I learned a lot about the top SEO mistakes.

I’m sure you have heard of it, Search Engine Optimization, (SEO), has to do with a variety of tweaks you can do onsite to your pages and posts to help search engines find and index your website.

SEO changes often, and if you want to stay on top of your site getting ranked you need to keep up with those changes.  Never more so than now has onsite SEO, good onsite SEO, been critical to getting your site found and ranked in the search engines. Continue reading


Yoast Copywriting Training Review – Can It Help Your Site Rank?

Yoast Copywriting Training for $199

Yoast Copywriting Training for $199

Writing good content is essential for helping your website achieve rank with the search engines.  You need to be able to convey your message to your readers in a concise way that is both easy to read and fun.  Being able to do that can be the difference between success and failure, the difference between making money from a website, or not.

In this blog post I am going to provide a Yoast Copywriting Training review.  More than likely you have heard of Yoast, they are one of the ‘big dogs’ on the SEO scene for webmasters.  Can their training in copywriting help you get your website to rank better?  And if not what course or training out there will? Continue reading


How To Make Money Writing Product Reviews

How To Make Money Writing Product Reviews

How To Make Money Writing Product Reviews – Get the facts!

Have you ever purchased something online through a retailer after reading a product review online?  I do it all the time.  In fact more and more people are buying online than ever before.

Trends show that online shopping is going to continue to grow.  Amazon last year in 2016 captured 53% of all online sales that took place.  Imagine being able to tap into that.

There is a lot of money moving between consumers and online retailers.  I make a nice income in my spare time writing product reviews working at home.  Doing so allows me to capture a percentage of that money that is moving online.  If you are wondering how to make money writing product reviews, I can help explain it. Continue reading

Best Way To Increase Website Traffic Fast – Three Awesome Steps!

Learn the best way to increase website traffic fast in three easy steps!

Learn the best way to increase website traffic fast in three easy steps!

Do you want to get your latest blog posting found as fast as possible and ranking in Google?  Of course you do!  Why would anybody say ‘no’ to that!?  I am here to show the best way to increase website traffic.  It’s not even a secret, but many newbies to blogging and affiliate marketing don’t know how to do it.

Nothing sucks more than creating a great post and it not getting found or read.  Sure, it takes some time for Google to trust new websites.  But you can’t be afraid to get all up in Google’s face and say “hey… look at me!”.

You ready to learn how to do just that?  I’m going to provide you with a step by step process on how to get Google’s attention.  It’s just three simple things you need to do. Continue reading

Do Blog Comments Help SEO? You Bet!

Do you ever wonder if comments to your blog posts do your page any good?  When I was first starting out as a blogger I didn’t know the answer to that question.

Now I do know.  I know without a doubt.  Yes, comments to your pages and posts most certainly help your content get ranked and found.

Yes! Blog Comments Help SEO Ranking!

Continue reading

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