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A Day In My Life As An Affiliate Marketer & Blogger

A day in the life of an affiliate market blogger. EXCITING!

A day in the life of an affiliate market blogger. EXCITING!

This page contains a good look at my typical day working on my at home business as a blogger and affiliate marketer.  I am writing this so people can see how much time I put into by personal business.  Some may be surprised at how much… some at home little.  Everybody has different expectations.

I want to be as transparent as I can be.  I truly want to assist people who are interested in working from home.  Being a blogger and affiliate marketer is the best online job that I could find to fit my personal needs of being able to work for myself, being able to travel and bring my work with me, be able to up and move to another part of the country (or world), and to provide myself with more free time to spend with friends and family.

If you have laptop you can travel and go anywhere for as long as want as a blogger and successful affiliate marketing websites.

Please be away that as I write this post, I am still in fact also working a day job.  I expect my wife will be able to quit her day job in six to eight months, and I will be able to quit mine in six to eight months after her.  We are currently make a nice income from our three affiliate marketing websites, and plan to add one or two more by the end of summer this year as an income safety net.

How My Day Starts

I get up at 6am every week day, which is about one hour sooner than I need to if I was just getting ready to go to work for my day job.  I work in sales at a nice office.  And I need to be in the office by 9am. Continue reading

Inspiration & Proof That This Works

I am big on helping people get started working from home starting their own affiliate marketing business.  Many of my pages on this site promote how you can get started today.  I talk about work, learning something new, effort, motivation, inspiration and success.

Below are a couple screen shots a friend I network with put together a few months ago with links to success stories to help inspire people getting into blogging and affiliate marketing.  Some of the blue headings below are obvious, a few are more obscure, but when you read the titles you will get the meaning.

Results can vary from person to person and depending on the affiliate marketing niche that each person pursues.  As always it helps to blog about content that you have an interest in, such as a hobby you are passionate about.

Time For The Inspiration – Screen Shots To Follow

screen shot one

screen shot one

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Motivation To Start An At Home Business

Finding the motivation to start an at home business can be difficult at times.

Finding the motivation to start an at home business can be difficult at times.

Some people need help getting motivated when they are already working from home.  They know they have work to do, but get distracted or have a hard time getting their work day started.  Then there are people who haven’t started their home business yet but want to.  For whatever reason they just can’t seem to make that first step to starting it.  This post is all about those people and the motivation to start an at home business.

It can seem like a daunting task.  You know you want to work out of your house and be your own boss.  You know there are ways out there to start working at home building a new business.  You already have some ideas on what you want to do – but for whatever reason you can’t seem to focus on the first step to start making it happen.

Why is that?  Is it because you don’t know where to start?  Or perhaps you just don’t have the time ‘right now’ to do it?

I guess there can be any number of reasons.  But we will see if we can break through whatever has you stalling on getting started.  I want you to succeed.  You can Earn Your Success.  I’m doing it, so can you. Continue reading

Stay Focused And Rejuvenate Yourself

If you are lucky enough to work at home as an affiliate marketer than you know that sometimes it can be hard to stay focused and keep motivated.  Writer’s block can be a real hassle to overcome, especially when you know you need to add some fresh content to your niche site.

Sometimes it helps to just get up from that computer and walk away!  Go take a break.  Go for a walk.  Maybe take a shower.  Have a quick snack.  Take a twenty minute nap.  Read a couple chapters in a book.  Browse the internet.

Stay Focused – Just Walk Away!

Staying Focused means reminding yourself you are on control.

Staying Focused means reminding yourself you are on control.

Don’t get to carried away when you take a break to rejuvenate yourself.  You do have work to do, after all.  But sometimes stepping away from the computer can help.  The more aggravated you become by trying to force yourself to come up with a topic the harder it can be to come up with an idea. Continue reading

Finding The Time To Start Working At Home

Finding the time to start working at home.

Finding the time to start working at home.

I have been seeing a reoccurring concern from many people looking to start an at home business.  They want to start working for themselves but seem to be concerned with finding the time.  They may have a regular job they work full time, and then have family responsibilities on top of that.  It’s easy to find yourself feeling swamped and unsure how to work time into an already busy schedule.

It’s not going to be easy.  But if you really want to make a transition to stop working for an employer and start working for yourself at home YOU NEED TO FIND THE TIME.  Nobody else is going to hand you success on a silver platter, you have to Earn Your Success.  You have to be the one to make it happen.  And it may not be easy.

Finding The Time To Start Working At Home – Get Started!

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