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How To Be Successful At Wealthy Affiliate – Increase Your Odds!

How to be successful at Wealthy Affiliate. Follow my advice!

How to be successful at Wealthy Affiliate. Follow my advice!

It’s no secret, I promote Wealthy Affiliate.  And if you want to learn how to be successful at Wealthy Affiliate, then you’ll want to read this post.  It will be a short one, but the advice here is important to finding online success in starting a home business.

It’s all up to you whether or not you’ll be successful from what you learn at Wealthy Affiliate.  They provide the hosting tools, and it’s a great hosting packing by the way with many benefits at no extra cost, as well as the training that teaches you how to earn online.

But you, nobody else, has to take what they teach you and make it work.  You have to do the work.  It takes time, and it takes effort.  But you will find success if you follow the advice here in this post. Continue reading

Affiliate Marketers: Don’t Rush To Quit Your Day Job!

Don't rush to quit your day job

Don’t rush to quit your day job

I know the people who get into affiliate marketing are trying to find a means to work for themselves.  They want to work at home and be their own boss.  On top of that they want to quit their day jobs and get out of that daily grind!

I know, because I am an affiliate marketer.  Spending my free time blogging and writing product reviews is what I do aside from my day job.  I make a nice chunk of money every month as an affiliate marketer… but I still work my day job! Continue reading

Bloggers, Proofread All Your Posts, Before And After

It is always a good idea to read your posts carefully before you publish them.  I admit that I sometimes don’t proof read thoroughly, and I really should, because I make a lot of mistakes.

This post is just a short blogger tip about proof reading.  I did some work today on some old posts and couldn’t hardly believe all the errors I had found.  I’m not perfect at blogging, but I want to be better than I am and have to work at it. Continue reading


My Top 5 Tips For Staying Motivated With Affiliate Marketing

5 Tips For Staying Motivated With Affiliate Marketing.

Working harder is not enough advice! Let’s review my top 5 Tips For Staying Motivated With Affiliate Marketing.

I have been seeing a lot of comments in my social network and even a few on this site about people losing motivation when starting out doing niche website building.  So I wanted to put together my top 5 tips for staying motivated with affiliate marketing.

It really takes some motivation and determination to build a business, a successful home business online.  I am seeing people talk about giving up after a couple months, and that is really a shame.  Because more than likely in the next month or two if they just keep up and focus on their websites they will start to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

I often say on my blog posts here on this site that it is very exciting starting a new home business like this, but that after a week or two or maybe a month it can start to get hard to do.  You are building and adding content to a site that nobody is seeing.  You want to make money doing this, but your not.  I always tell people it can happen in the first month, but usually it takes a few months to several before a new website will start to produce traffic and make an income. Continue reading

Why I Love Affiliate Marketing

I got into blogging and affiliate marketing nineteen months ago.  If you have spent any time cruising around my website you will know that I was looking for a means to make some extra cash every month to help with bills and stop the vicious cycle of living paycheck to paycheck.  Well, let me tell you why I love affiliate marketing after all this time.

Why I Love Affiliate Marketing

Scene from my vacation on Lake of the Woods, Ontario. I was able to work on my affiliate marketing websites.

Scene from my vacation on Lake of the Woods, Ontario. I was able to work on my affiliate marketing websites.

I just got back from vacation.  I went away for several days to Canada on a fishing trip.  I rented a house boat with some members of my family on Lake of the Woods in Ontario, Canada.  We were for out in the middle of nowhere, and normally well out of range of any cell phone towers – but the houseboat had WiFi.

Even though I was gone from home and my home office, I was still able to do a little work on my various websites.  In fact, this very website, Earn Your Success, I posted a new post on it every day that I was gone.

I love affiliate marketing because I can go away on vacation, most anywhere as long as there is an internet connection, and I can still work.  I can travel the world and still work on my at home business.  I don’t have to be in my home office or designated work space… it’s TRUE FREEDOM!  Work wherever you want to work from.  Go on a trip and have fun, put in an hour or two a day on your website or websites and live the life you want to live! Continue reading

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