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Steady Home Income – Is It As Bad As People Say?

Steady Home Income, is it a legitimate online work from home business or just another of the many scams that are out on the Internet?  I take a look and share my research results.

Of course I come to my own conclusion, but you should take the time to research a few other sources beyond my own if you are thinking of joining Steady Home Income.

I am not associated in any way with Steady Home Income (SHI), and all the the information I review below has been done through online research and some interaction with SHI’s website. Continue reading


Social Monkee Review

Social Monkee Review - It is bananas?

Social Monkee Review – It is bananas?

I put together this brief Social Monkee review because I noticed some people talking about it last week on an online forum I follow.

People just starting out as bloggers trying to make money online tend to think there are easy ways to get up and running and making money online.  There aren’t any.  You need to put the work in.  Trying to find shortcuts is just going to get you black listed by Google, and when that happens you will have even more work ahead of you to fix things.

So first things first… I am not at all associated with Social Monkee.  I have nothing to do with them.  The information below is my personal view after doing some research on them.  If you are thinking about using Social Monkee then I encourage you to check out other online reviews beside my own, and make your decision only after having done that. Continue reading

Casting Words Review – Make Money Transcribing

Thanks for checking out my Casting Words review.  You are no doubt looking for an online job that you can work at home, and transcribing can be a means of making some extra money.  In fact it can pay pretty good if you get in with the right company.

So the question I am going to try and answer here is this; is Casting Words a legit online company that you can work for, or are they looking to scam people?

I want to point out the the information that you will be reading below in my review is pulled from various online sources.  I spent some considerable time checking into Casting Words, but I am in no way associated with them.  I suggest that if you are looking to work for them, that you check out a few other reviews online as well – not just mine.  Get a complete picture and check a few sources. Continue reading

Protypers Review – Legit, Scam, Or What?

Hello and welcome to my Protypers Review.  You are here because you are looking for more information about working for Protyper… Are they legit, are they a scam?  Well, I can help answer that question.

First let me say that I am in no way associated with Protypers.  All of the information I provide below in my review is based on information I researched while online.  I pulled information from several different sources, including from Protyper’s themselves.

Before deciding if Protyper’s is what you are looking for in a online job working from home, please be sure to check out a couple more reviews online first.  Do some good research and look at several sources, then decide. Continue reading

Home Online Profit Education – Researched And Reviewed

I wanted to take a moment and share my research I did on Home Online Profit Education (HOPE).  I just want to say that I am not in any way affiliated with HOPE, and that my review below is based on online research I conducted off and on over the course of a couple days.

I am glad that you are here reading my review of HOPE.  There are so many scams out there in the internet trying to swindle people out of their money.  Taking the time to do thorough research is a good idea.

I suggest that if you are looking for information on HOPE, that you also check a few other sources on your own in additional to my review.

Home Online Profit Education – Legit Or Scam?

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