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Solo Build It Review – It Can Help You Learn To Make Money Online

Solo Build It - "CTPM", an Action Guide!

Solo Build It – “CTPM”, an Action Guide!

Every day I login into Wealthy Affiliate to check messages and see if people I am mentoring need any assistance.  I don’t have a link saved that brings me straight to my login.  Typically I type ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ into Google and then select the link from the search menu.  Lately I have been seeing some pay per click adds pop up promoting SOLO BUILD IT… which seemed odd to me…

Why would somebody promote Solo Build It when people are typing in searches for Wealthy Affiliate?  And just what is Solo Build It anyway?  Because I had never heard of it before.

Well, after some research I found out Solo Build It is an online marketing program that teaches people how to make money online.  They are a smaller online company, not nearly as big and as successful as Wealthy Affiliate.  By promoting their site via using pay per click keywords focused on Wealthy Affiliate, Solo Build It has been trying to pull people away from Wealthy Affiliate. Continue reading

Thinking Of Joining Fix Monthly Income? Get The Facts Firsts!

Thanks for checking out my Fix Monthly Income Review.  I always like to point out on such reviews if I am affiliated with the program in question.  I am not at all affiliate with Fix Monthly Income in any way, shape or form.

All of the information in my review is based on research I that I conducted online.  Thinking of joining Fix Monthly Income?  If so, you should take a little time and check out some other reviews online about this program before you decide to join or not. Continue reading

Accelerated Income: Yet Another Link Posting Scam

Here we go again, yet another link posting scam.  It is really remarkable how many of these scams promote the exact same template, or darn near the same advertising template.  Sadly there are people out there that get suckered into trying these scams out.  Accelerated Income is just like many of the other link posting scams I have blogged about on this site.

As usual I highly recommend that if you are looking into joining Accelerated Income that you first check out reviews of them online, other this my site.  I am not at all affiliate with Accelerated Income, and everything mentioned below in my review is from information I gathered online doing research. Continue reading


Facebook On Fire Review 2020 – Big Scam Or Money Making Opportunity

Facebook on Fire Review - is it a scam? Yep!

Facebook on Fire Review – is it a scam? Yep!

Facebook on Fire claims you can make hundreds daily online.  But is Facebook on Fire a scam?

Making an extra $300 or more per day sure sounds nice, doesn’t it?  Imagine being able to do just that by fooling around on Facebook by posting, liking, and sharing posts.  That is exactly what the Facebook on Fire online money making plan tells you that you can do to earn easy money.  Sounds pretty good?  Sure it does!  That’s why I’m doing a Facebook on Fire review.

First, as usual, I want to point out that I am no way associated with Facebook on Fire and its creator, ‘Joseph Magnum’.  My review is based on research I did online and my opinion of this money making system is just that, my own.  If you are looking to sign up and give Facebook on Fire a try, then I strongly suggest you go online and check out a few other reviews before making an informed decision. Continue reading

Home Earning System – Make Money Or Lose Money

Today I am writing a review of the Home Earning System.  I want to be up front and say that I am in no way affiliate with this online company.  The information below in my review has been researched online through various sources.

All of the details below are based on my own opinion and take on the research I uncovered on Home Earning System (HES).  If you are thinking of signing up with HES, please be sure to check out a few other online reviews before coming to your own conclusion about the company. Continue reading