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Complete Your Wealthy Affiliate Profile!

Complete your Wealthy Affiliate Profile - it's easy!

Complete your Wealthy Affiliate Profile – it’s easy!

When you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate you create an account and then the very next thing you should do is complete your Wealthy Affiliate profile.  Is is so important to do that.  Let me tell you what you need to do and why you should do it.

Completing your profile is an important step in learning to work at home, and being a successful online entrepreneur.

What You Need To Do

To complete your profile you need answer a few questions, add a profile picture, and write a little about about who you are.  That’s it. Continue reading

How To Become An Internet Entrepreneur

The internet has a lot going on for it.  Many people are turning to it to find some financial freedom and to be able to work at home for themselves.  Figuring out how to become an internet entrepreneur is on the minds of a great many people.

But what kind of business can you start yourself online?  That’s the question people are asking.  Sure, you can go and find an online job as a freelance writer or editor.  But you usually end up working for somebody else, and that’s not what people want.  People want to work for themselves.  They want to become entrepreneurs.

I know that when I started looking at ways to become an online entrepreneur I didn’t want to start a business were I contracted out to other businesses.  I wanted to work for myself, and only myself. Continue reading

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing Online

How to learn affiliate marketing online.  Get the details here!

How to learn affiliate marketing online. Get the details here!

If you are here it’s because you are curious about how to learn affiliate marketing online.  I can help get you started.  I actually started learning all about affiliate marketing about twenty months ago.  I studied it on my own and started building my own niche blog with the intent of earning an extra income – to actually be able to quit my day job and work for myself at home.

I am proud of what I have accomplished over the past twenty months.  I am now making over $4k per through affiliate marketing, and do plan on quitting my day job in the near future, as soon as my mortgage is paid off.

There are many places you can go to find out about how to learn affiliate marketing online.  There are lots of individual people who have their own websites that will ‘train’ you and provide ‘guides’ on how to do it.

Some websites will give you a ‘starter’ document then try and get you to come back and buy the larger course they are selling once you find out the information you have is not complete.  Other places will just flat out try and sell you an e-book that may or may not be up to date.

Personally, I would avoid paying anybody for this information.  Don’t do it.  Anybody selling you this information is just taking your money. Continue reading

Learn Affiliate Marketing Online For Free

Learn Affiliate Marketing - Start Making Money Online!

Learn Affiliate Marketing – Start Making Money Online!

Have you been kicking around the idea of starting your very own online business?  Perhaps thinking about how amazing it would be to quite your mundane job and be able to work for yourself at home?  You can start working towards those goals today, and others you may have along those same lines.  All you need to do is learn affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easier online businesses that you can start.  It goes hand in hand with blogging.  And you can start doing it today at no cost to you, presuming you already have a computer of some type of access to the Internet.

Starting today you can begin working towards earning an income in about five to six months.  Some people will see results sooner, some a little later.  The average results for most is about six months after they start down the path of affiliate marketing. Continue reading


How To Make Money By Blogging

Anybody can start a blog with the goal of using it to earn an income at home.  If you just happen to be fairly good at typing, and already have some familiarity with computers, you will be a little ahead of the complete novice learning how to make money by blogging.

Learn how to make money by blogging. Anybody can start doing blogging today.

Learn how to make money by blogging. Anybody can start doing blogging today.

Having an affinity to write will give you a huge advantage over people who do not.  However, if you have never considered yourself a writer you can still blog.  There is no time like the presence to start and work your way towards earning an income doing it.

Practice makes perfect.  The more you blog, the better you get at it.

The one thing I want you to realize is that the moment you decide you want to be a blogger and earn money from it, you have decided to become in entrepreneur.  You will have decided to become your own boss.  You will be taking steps towards an eventual financial freedom.

Blogging is a legitimate home business.  People have been doing it since the Internet’s inception.  You can make a comfortable living working when you want and where you want as a blogger. Continue reading