Build An Amazon Affiliate Niche Website

Become an Amazon Affiliate Associate today. It's free to sign up.

Become an Amazon Affiliate Associate today. It’s free to sign up.

You’ve heard some things about affiliate marketing and building niche websites.  You’ve also heard that you can make some pretty good monthly income by becoming an Amazon Affiliate Marketer.  Well, I can tell you straight that you heard correctly.

About two years ago I began doing some research on finding out how to work at home.  I wanted to quit my day job and have more time for my family and myself.  After some serious searching and finding more online scams than actual legitimate work, I came across affiliate marketing and niche websites.

In my research I quickly learned about the Amazon Affiliate program, or what they call ‘Amazon Associates’.  I was eager to give it a try.

I have now been doing affiliate marketing for nineteen months and make about $4k per month.  As soon as the mortgage is paid off my wife and I are quitting our day jobs.  Our plan is to continue to build a couple additional niche websites and try to earn closer to $6k+ per month.

It’s an attainable goal.  One that we know we can reach.

Let me tell you more about how this works and how you can do what I’m doing.  If you have no experience with websites or how to monetize a website, I can help you get started at no cost as long as you already have your own computer and internet connection.

Don’t let the technical aspect of starting and building a website scare you.  It’s easy to do, I’ll touch on that further below.

What Is An Amazon Affiliate

You may already have a pretty good idea what an Amazon affiliate is.  But in case you don’t it is a pretty simple concept.  I’ll explain it here:

I have a niche website that I own that is all about camping and hiking and canoe camping.  I blog on it once or twice a week about camping trips I have been on, trips I want to go on, and the gear I like to use.

I have a camping niche website that I affiliate with Amazon product and make an income from it every month.

I have a camping niche website that I affiliate with Amazon product and make an income from it every month.

People who like those things that I blog about search for it on the internet.  If people cannot be out doing those things they love, they tend to spend time online reading about those things and making plans to do those things.

When I write about the gear I like to use, say my camping stove or a backpack I always take with me, I also provide a link to Amazon where people can buy that same item.

People either find my niche website by searching the gear I write about looking for more information before they buy.  Or, they just happen upon my website when doing a general search for camping related information.  Either way people are finding my site, seeing my product reviews I sometimes write, and then click over to Amazon through my Amazon Affiliate links to buy the product.

If and when they buy something I make a commission on the sale.  It’s really that simple.

If that person buys anything Amazon while visiting from my link I get a commission.  It doesn’t have to be the exact item I reviewed in my website.  It can be anything on Amazon that they decide to buy.

If that person goes back within twenty-four hours and buys some more stuff (again, it can be anything), I also get a commission on that purchase too.

The money you can make can add up fast.

Why Do People Buy Online

I love shopping online.  A lot of people do it.  More than you think.

You can usually find exactly what it is you are looking for.  You can usually save money.  You can usually get free shipping.  And you can avoid going into busy retail stores.  And if you have to return a product that is pretty easy to do as well.

People love shopping on Amazon.  Being an Amazon Affiliate is a great way to tap into the money that exchanges hands on the internet.  Most people who make online purchases like to find reviews of the product before they buy.  That is where the Amazon Affiliate Associate comes into play.

Is Amazon The Best Place To Affiliate With

Example image of an Amazon Affiliate link from a niche website.

Example image of an Amazon Affiliate link from a niche website.

I think it is.  They do tend to pay a lower commission rate per sale than some of the other retail affiliates.  However, more people buy from Amazon than any of the other affiliate sites because people trust the Amazon brand more.

The reason for this is that Amazon usually has better prices than their competition.  They also have more product than anybody else.  They also have great customer service and an easy return policy.  They are known worldwide.  They also have a thing called Amazon Prime.  People who are members of Amazon Prime get free 2nd day shipping and most product sold on Amazon as well as free movie and access to Amazon TV programming.

So, Amazon is HUGE.

People love buying from Amazon more than anywhere else when shopping online.  In 2016 Amazon captured 53% of all the online sales in the United States.  Add up all the other online retailers together and they only captured a combined total of 47%.  Amazon alone had 53%.  WOW!

So by becoming an Amazon Affiliate Associate you can tap into the money exchanging hands online.

What Does It Cost To Become An Amazon Affiliate

It costs nothing.  You can signup and become an Amazon Affiliate anytime you want, and it doesn’t cost you anything.  They don’t require you to pay a fee.  The only information you need to worry about giving them is where you want your commission checks deposited.

How Hard Is It To Start A Niche Website

In order to become an Amazon Affiliate you need to have a website of your own.  In this day and age it’s a pretty simple process to get a website.  You can easily do it and be blogging today.  You don’t need to know anything about web-design or HTML coding.

If you can monkey around on a smart phone and if you have spent any time on social media sites, you can easily handle adding content to your very own website.  I’ll help you get started by pointing in the direction to get up and running.

Having your own website does cost some money.  There is a cost to owning your own domain name and the cost of web hosting.  Luckily it’s not that expensive.

  • Average domain name cost is $9 to $16 per year.
  • Average web hosting cost can be anywhere from $30 to $250 per month.

Avoid web hosting that costs more than $40 per month – you just don’t need it.

I actually own a few different websites and pay for my own hosting.  My monthly bill for those things if I break down my yearly domain name costs into a monthly cost comes out to be about $35 per month.  That’s a cheap cost for owning your own business out of your home.

FREE TIP FROM ME TO YOU:  If you have never tried blogging or building a niche website for affiliate marketing I suggest you don’t pay ANYTHING to get started.  You can test this out for free before you decide if you want to invest in a domain name and web hosting.  See below.

Free Web Hosting To Get Started

Before you jump into buying your own websites and pay for web hosting you should really test this out first.  Being a niche blogger and Amazon Affiliate is a great way to make money.  But there is a little learning you need to do.

Just like with any new job there are new things you need to learn to be able to do it.  That also applies here.

You can start learning if this is good fit today for free.

Own your own blog and do affiliate marketing to make a lucrative at home passive income.

Own your own blog and do affiliate marketing to make a lucrative at home passive income.


I do my web hosting through a company called Wealthy Affiliate.  I buy my domain names there and do web hosting there too.  They also allow people to have two free websites and some free web hosting – and even some free training to teach you how to monetize your website and work as an Amazon Affiliate.

So before you jump into anything and buy a domain name and web hosting, sign up for a free starter account with Wealthy Affiliate.  All you need is an email address and you can have access to two free websites.  You can test this out before hand.  If it’s not for you then you are not out any money.

However, if you do find blogging and having a niche website is a good fit, then you will certainly want to buy your own domain name and pay for your website hosting.  There are perks as a business owner for owning your own domain.

Wealthy Affiliate

After you sign up for free you can get some free step by step training on how to navigate around the Wealthy Affiliate online network.  Before long you will have built your first website and working on building it into a niche website.

I do my web hosting through them, so if you have any questions along the way feel free to shoot me a message in system there and I will respond.  I usually log in a couple time throughout the day to work on my websites.

Most people who start out doing niche website marketing have lots of questions, I know I sure did when I started.  One of the best ways to ensure you succeed at this is having a good support network behind you.  You can get that at Wealthy Affiliate and from me when you sign up with them.

You can get started with your free websites and some free training (if you need it) by heading to Wealthy Affiliate now.

One of the great things about Wealthy Affiliate is that they help guide you towards the niche website ideas that will produce you a good income.  Some niche websites ideas are better then most.  They teach how you gauge competition between niche ideas you may have.

If you want more information on their services and how they can help you become an Amazon Affiliate Associate you can check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.


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