Brainfuse Review – Become A Tutor

Brainfuse Review - Get a job working online as a tutor!

Brainfuse Review – Get a job working online as a tutor!

Thank you for checking out my Brainfuse review.  If you are thinking about signing up with them as a tutor, then you have come to the right place.

The review below is based on online information that I researched on my own.  I am not associated with Brainfuse in any way.

Before deciding to try and sign up with them you should read a few other reviews online to get a full picture.

Brainfuse Review

Brainfuse is an online training company and was founded in 1999 by Alex Sztuden.

Sztuden has an impressive history and provides the Brainfuse with solid leadership.  He attended Columbia Law School and during his time there was an editorial member of the Columbia Law Review.

Brainfuse (BF) claims to be the “nations best online education service”.

BF provides a great many services and does so on a 24/7 basis.

Let’s take a look at their services:

Brainfuse Services

One On One Tutoring:  Their most popular service.  If students need help an assignment or learning skills, BF tutors can be a big help.

Online Writing Lab:  This one is designed to assist student in becoming better writers

Students can submit writing assignments for feedback in the following categories; focus, word usage, response to task, grammar and mechanics, and organization.

Feedback is available from tutor and professors.

Core Success Program:  This program was designed to assist people with getting ready for college.  It targets specific areas of academia where a student may need help ‘brushing up’ and certain areas of study.

Subject offered are; math, writing, accounting, Spanish, statistics, economics, chemistry, physics, biology, physiology, human anatomy, and finance.

Working For Brainfuse As A Tutor

If you are thinking of working for BF as a tutor there are some thing you need to know.  They have an intense selection process that every applicant must go through.

All of their tutors must reside in the United States, have a Master’s degree or higher, have experience working at a tutor or teacher, and be able to pass a background check.

If you are in need of their services then the information directly above should please you.  Any tutor you get would have a good education under their belt.

Going through the hiring process takes a few steps.  Let’s take a look at them below:

Resume Review:  If you meet the above requirements, you will likely be asked to do a screening interview.

Screening Interview:  This is the verbal interview process.  Be prepared to answer and ask questions.  From what I have gathered they are looking at your personality and social skills as much as tour experience.

Proficiency Testing:  If you pass the screening interview you get to go through some simulation proficiency testing actually prove you have the skills needed to be a BF tutor.

This is also where you go through a background check.

Training:  At this point you are hired and are going to go through some training.  You will need to learn about their online tutoring system.

Professional Development:  There is a good chance some of your tutoring sessions are going to be monitored.  This is done to provide you with feedback.  BF wants to strive for excellence, and this is a key function they do to help work towards that goal.

The Pros and Cons of Working For Brainfuse

Of course the information provided below is my opinion, and may not reflect your own views of BF.

The Pros:

  • Brainfuse is known as one of the top tutoring service providers in the United States.  Very prestigious.
  • If you get hired you will no doubt have a steady stream of work.
  • You can work for them from anywhere.  It’s all online, so you are not tied down to an office or your home.  Travel, work, get paid.

The Cons:

  • Steep hiring requirements.  If you don’t have at least a Masters degree they aren’t even going to consider you.
  • People with work experience are going to be preferred.  Not easy for a new college grad to get hired on.

What Does Brainfuse Pay Their Tutors?

I couldn’t find a solid answer on this from their website.  But some additional online research turned up that they pay new hires around $12 to $14 per hour.

Not great money, but not bad if you are looking to supplement your income.

I was not able to discover how they, or when they pay.

Brainfuse Review – Conclusion

BF is certainly not a scam and has a solid reputation.  They have been around for almost twenty years and put potential hires through a rigorous hiring process.

If you have the personal drive to work from home and like helping people then this could be a great job for you.

The pay is ‘okay’ and you can do it from most anywhere as long as you have a computer and a good connection to the internet.

If the idea of interacting with people online is not something that sounds good to you, then you should find different online work.

If you enjoy writing then perhaps a blogging career would be up your alley.  It’s what I do to make a lucrative online income.

For more information on blogging and affiliate marketing check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Thanks for reading,



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