Blogger Burn Out – Don’t Push It!

Anybody who has been following this site for the few short days it has been up, knows Earn Your Success is all about helping people get started working from home blogging.  It’s a fun job.  Doesn’t have to take much of your time.  But It can also easily consume you.  Blogger burn out is real!

Blogger burn out is not good. Pace yourself and set aside some fun time.

Blogger burn out is not good. Pace yourself and set aside some fun time.

I started this website back on April 28th.  Today is May 16th.  This website has been up for roughly eighteen days now and so far I have created 7 pages and 25 postings.  For one person doing this in their spare time it is a lot of work to build a page to this size in that amount of time.

But I know the best way to get my message out there is build up a page as fast as I can.  The sooner Earn Your Success gains site trust from Google and the other big search engines, the sooner people will be able to find it and learn how to take control of their lives; to become at home entrepreneurs and start building their way to financial freedom.

Luckily I am familiar with working at home, how to get started working at home, and the many aspects that surround it, because I have been pursuing it for over a year now.  I can write about it with ease.  The words pour out of me.  I don’t feel pressed or under strain to add a new post to this website.  Some days I add a two posts!  For me it’s easy.

Blogger Burn Out

I am taking a moment to write about blogger burn out because I don’t want to make people aware of it, especially those of you that take my advice and start blogging and doing affiliate marketing.  I know what it’s like to want to see results on a new niche web page.  You want people to find it, and you want it to start generating an income for you.

For me I want people to discover what I am doing and use my success as an influence to take those steps towards getting started down their own path.  I want people to succeed like I have.  It’s turned into a passion to get my message out.

As I have said in some of my other posts it takes time to build up a website.  The more work you can put into, the faster you will get there, but you also risk getting burned out.

Burn out will come faster if you are putting a hard amount of work into your site and month three hits without much traffic or any income generated.  It really hurts when that happens, and many people get tired and burned out and stop working on their websites.

Don’t let that happen to you.

If you get burned out so bad you will end up failing at being an affiliate marketer. Don't let that happen!

If you get burned out so bad you will end up failing at being an affiliate marketer. Don’t let that happen!

Pace Yourself

Working from home is a job.  But blogging about the things you love can be a fun job, and when you are pushing for page results and sales it can quickly send you towards burn out.  Avoid that from happening.  Make sure you take some time to yourself as needed.

I call it ‘recharging my batteries’.  I love video games, but not just any video games.  I was a kid in my teens in the mid to late 80s and grew up playing Commodore 64 and Amiga Computer games.  So I love retro computer gaming.  When I am sitting at my computer desk at home and feeling a little haggard from blogging, I will load up an emulator of the C64 and play and old video game from the 80s.

Little breaks like that one may only last for ten or fifteen minutes, but they help immensely from burning yourself out.

I also like to take breaks by bringing my dog outside for a quick walk around the park.  I have a great park next to my house, not to big, not too small.  I’ll just head out and walk around it and get some fresh air.  Only take about fifteen minutes and I feel revitalized and can sit back down and get some work done.

My tip to you is this.  Don’t wait to start feeling burnt out.  Take breaks like I do routinely whether you feel you need them or not.  Work an hour and then take ten or fifteen minutes to step away.  When that is over get back to it and start working again.

It’s one of the benefits of being your own boss.  Make sure you get the work done, but don’t drive yourself into a stupor.

Find Your Success

Avoiding blogger burn out can be the difference between success and failure.  I see it all the time over on the affiliate marketing network I am a part of.  People get started and do a great job building up their new websites, but then they get burnt out because they look back at all the work they put into it and don’t see the results they were expecting and hoping.  It takes time to build up a website to that point, and most everybody has that frustrating lull between one and three or four months were frustration sets in.

Be aware of it ahead of time.  Pace yourself.  Focus on fun time as well as work time.

If you can do that you will avoid the work from home blogger burn out, and you will find your success.

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