Black Hat SEO To Avoid – Don’t Go There!

To many people Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a free-for-all.  They believe that you can and should do whatever it is you can to get web page rankings.  Commonly such people take on black hate SEO practices.  But I’m here to tell what Black Hat SEO to avoid – as a new blogger you may not know.

If starting out as a blogger and working at home, or if you are an experienced webmaster… don’t go near black hat SEO tactics.  It’s just not worth it.

Certain SEO, such as Black Hat SEO should be avoided! Learn what is good and bad.

Certain SEO, such as Black Hat SEO should be avoided! Learn what is good and bad.

What Is White Hat SEO?

SEO is what people try to do on their web pages so they get ranked.  There is white hat and black hat SEO.  Before you can understand what black hat is, you need to know what white hat SEO is.

White hat tactics involve:

  • Making sure your keyword is in the first paragraph of a new post.
  • Making sure your keyword is in one or two headers inside your post (H1, H2, H3…)
  • Using the keyword phrase a few times in the body content of your post, not too many time and not in an unnatural way that is clunky to read.
  • Making sure your keyword is somewhere towards the end of your post.
  • Using your keyword in the meta description and your page title as well
  • Getting natural backlinks without paying for them, from quality websites.

If your website provides good content that is unique to users it will rank on it’s own naturally using the tactics above.

Black Hat SEO To Avoid – Naughty, Oh So Naughty!

I can’t hardly believe people try some of the stuff listed below.  Some of the tactics used are just down right dumb.  Yet people do them.  I can’t understand why.

  • Keyword Stuffing:  Using a keyword a lot and so often that every other word is the keyword.  Example: I like cheese, cheese is so good.  Do you like cheese?  You should like cheese!  Cheese, cheese, cheese…mmmm good.  Can you tell I like cheese?”  Who the hell wants to read something like that!?  Not me.  And Google might give you a black mark for such horrible writing and overuse of a keyword.
  • Keyword Cannibalization:  This one people do all the time and don’t even know they are doing.  Especially people who make niche websites.  This is when you use a keyword in multiple posts.  It confuses Google and makes them wonder which page you are really trying to rank for.  It can actually cause your pages to rank poorly because your website is using a keyword too often.  Google like fresh and unique content, so switch things up a bit and don’t overuse keyword in many posts or pages.
  • Cloaking:  Don’t present Google with one keyword in your posts content as seen in the White Hat Tactics lists above, and then write about something that is completely unrelated.  You are essentially tricking readers to your sight thinking they are going to read about something than find out they are on a site for some strange adult item.  Nothing makes readers bounce faster, and if Google catches you prepared to have your website slapped down to a deep black hole from where you will not see any rankings.
  • Duplicate Content:  Have more than one website?  Well make sure you don’t have duplicate content shared between them.  or copy content from another person’s website and paste it into your own.  Google HATES duplicate content.  And they know who does the copying and who to penalize for it.  So you really don’t want to get caught doing this.  You need to create your own content…. or else.  SMACK DOWN!
  • Trackback and Backlinks That Are Unrelated:  Backlinks and thing that track back to site can be good.  But you want quality backlinks from relevant sites.  Not hundreds or thousands of crummy unrelated backlinks.  First off, bad backlinks will do you NOTHING in to help with ranking.  And if Google suspects you are paying somebody to create them… yep, the smack down can happen quickly.
  • Cookie Stuffing:  Hackers and spammers will attach affiliate codes/cookies to images.  Unknown to you when click on the image you get a cookie inserted into your computer.  Not cool.  Google, if they catch you be secretive and placing unrelated cookie code into images and other links will condemn you to a black hole where search rankings never happen.

Black hat SEO should be avoided at all costs.  Just don’t even think of going there.  Some people think that they will do just a little bit… and then stop one they get a head.  But that rarely happens.  You will get caught and suffer for it.

Good SEO Practices

You want to generate good content.  If you do that, and follow the tips I presented in the section White Hat Tactics, you will have nothing to worry about.  That, along with understanding your keyword research and you will build good page ranks and site authority in a few months.

Black hat SEO is something to avoid.  It will just get you in trouble.

It takes time to build up a website.  Don’t rush it.  Google doesn’t trust new websites… you have to build and earn more trust.  Once you do, you will see your posts climb in the ranks.

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