Big Profit System – Can You Really Make $10,000 Per Week?

Big Profit System - Scam Or Legit Money Making System?

Big Profit System – Scam Or Legit Money Making System?

I came across Big Profit System a few weeks ago and made a note to take some time and investigate into.  This past weekend I spent a considerable amount of time researching it.  They claim you can make thousands per week, $10,000 even.  Is that a true claim?  Can such money be made using the Big Profit System?

I want to take a moment to point out to my readers that I am not at all affiliated with Big Profit System.  The review below is based on online research I did online.  If you are thinking about joining Big Profit System I congratulate you on taking the time to do some research into it.  Please take the time to check out a few more online reviews before making your final decision.

Big Profit System – Is It A Scam?

Big Profit System has many things that make it appear to be a scam.

Big Profit System has many things that make it appear to be a scam.

First and foremost I want to say that I strongly believe Big Profit System is a scam.  I review many online money making opportunities and know a thing or two about spotting scams.  This one has a lot of red flags.  I will share my findings in more detail as you read my review.

Many people are looking for ways to make money online and at home in their free time.  Most people think, or at least hope, that they can make easy money online; meaning they hope they can do very little work and make large amounts of money.  To be honest, there is no such thing as easy money online.  Big Profit System, and many similar online money making businesses prey on people looking to make easy money.

Rule number one:  If it sounds to good to be true, it is.

Does making up to $10,000 per week sound good to you?  It sounds amazing to me, too good to be true.  Keep reading and I’ll lay out more details of why this is likely a scam.

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What Is Big Profit System?

Big Profit System is setup to be a pyramid scheme.  Which is a huge flag that it is a scam… looks good on paper to people who are not aware what a pyramid scam is, but in reality it is a cash sink.  Here is how it basically works:

You pay to join Big Profit System, and then you try and get people to sign up and join under you.  The training you get when you join is all about how to get other people to sign up beneath you.  They claim that you make money by having more people sign up in your down-line.

Big Profit System provides you with email templates and similar things to email out to people (spam).  You don’t sell anything, you just promote Big Profit System and try to get people to sign up.  When you refer people back to Big Profit System, they have ‘sales people’ who make the sales pitch to your referral and get them to sign up.  If your referral signs up, you get money.

So all you do is refer people, they sell the ‘system’, and and when referrals sign up you get paid, or should get paid…

Here Is How The System Is Supposed To Work

There are five levels in the Big Profit System you can invest in.  Each level requires you pay them a hefty amount in order to work at the level in the system.

The levels are designated as money making levels.  Here are the levels:

  1. $1,000 (costs $1,280 to join at this level)
  2. $3,000 (costs $3,280 to join at this level)
  3. $6,000 (costs $6,280 to join at this level)
  4. $12,000 (costs $12,280 to join at this level)
  5. $20,000 (costs $20,280 to join at this level)

The levels in this system are important, because they determine how much money you can make from a referral.

This level guide shows you how much you can make for each referral when they sign up under you at a specific level.

This level guide shows you how much you can make for each referral when they sign up under you at a specific level.

As an example, if you sign up at level one in the Big Profit System, and refer somebody else who joins at level one, you make $500.  However, if you are only a level one member and a referral signs up at level two… you make NOTHING.

Yep, you have to be signed up at the level a referrer joins at in order to make money for their being signed up.  If you are a level three member you make money from referrals who sign up for levels 1-3.  If somebody signs up for level four or five you make nothing.

Why You Should Avoid Big Profit System

The first reason to avoid Big Profit System is that it is very expensive to join.  Just to join in at level one you need to pay them $1,280.  That’s a lot of money!

If you have money to throw around and think that joining may be for you, the second reason not to join is that pyramid schemes and other multi-level-marketing schemes are illegal.  Once the government catches on to this thing it will be shut down.  When that happens you will not get any money back that you spent when signing up.

The third reason not to get involved in this kind of online business is this: It’s not really an online business.  There is no business here.  This isn’t a business.  You own nothing here and not invested in anything credible.

The fourth reason to avoid Big Profit System is that you will have a very hard time getting referrals.  You will be bugging friends and family to sign up, and anybody else you know.  When you do that you are going to ‘be that person’ who annoys everybody in your life.  Once you exhaust those leads, finding anybody else to sign up will be nearly impossible.

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