Best Way To Make Money From Blogging

Best Way To Make Money From Blogging

Best Way To Make Money From Blogging.

Blogging has been an increasingly fantastic way to make a living working online.  You can do it from the comfort of your home, or you can travel the world and do it.  All you need is a laptop computer with WiFi access and your in business for yourself.  But what’s the best way to make money from blogging?

In this post I’m going to tell you about the top 4 ways to make money from blogging.  If you are thinking of starting your own blog and working towards becoming your own boss, you are certainly going to want to read everything below on ways to monetize a blog website.

Best Way to Make Money From Blogging

There are a lot of different ways you can make money blogging.  People who are just starting out may have better luck making money one way, while others who have been blogging for a while may have better results another way.

Below are ten ways to make money blogging.  One in particular is my favorite way, and I’ll share that with you below.  But there are many ways to do it, and some may make more sense for your particular website and blog.

1)  Pay Per Click Advertising, Such as Adsense

By far this is one of the more easier ways to make money from blog.  Just create an Adsense account and create ‘ads’ that can be placed on your website.  If you have spent any time online at all you have very likely seen Adsense ads on websites.  You may have even clicked on them before.

Adsense ads do a pretty good job of only placing ads that are related to the content on your website page.  So if you are blogging about how to make money online, and if there are Adsense ads on the page, they are likely related towards making money online.

If somebody reading your blog sees the advertisement, decides they are interested in it and clicks on it, you get paid!  How much you get paid depends on the ad.  It can vary from a few cents up to a few dollars.  Most ads pay under 50 cents.  But this can add up fast if your website gets a lot of traffic during the day.

Imagine making $50 to $100 per day just for doing nothing… just from having people click on ads on your website?  Sounds pretty good to me.

2)  CPM (Cost Per Impression) Ads

With Adsense ads people need to actually click on the advertisement for you to make money.  With CPM ads your site visitors don’t have to click on anything.  The money you can earn from CPM ads is based solely on the number of impressions (visitors) your website receives.

That’s right, your readers to your site don’t have to click on anything, or buy anything.  The CPM ads are there and visible for all to see, and you make an income just based on the number of visitors you get.  Sounds pretty good, but there is a catch.

Most CPM ad companies require that a website is getting massive amounts of visitors before they will even consider working with you to do advertising on your page.  How many visitors are we talking about here?  50k to 100k per month is a standard for most CPM ad companies.

New blogs aren’t going to get that kind of traffic anytime soon, usually.  But after time, as you work your website and include more content you will have more and more visitors.

3)  Sell Your Own Product

Do you have a product you make and want to sell.  A craft item perhaps, or maybe a book you wrote, or music you created, or an indie video game?  You can sell them on your blog.

I’m familiar with doing this and it works.  I have self published a few novellas over the years, some still available on Amazon and other companies for digital download.  I also made a couple indie video games and have sold both online through my websites.

Setting up a website to handle PayPal money transactions is easy.  You can create your own online store and sell product you created and own.

4)  Affiliate Marketing

This is my number one way of making money online.  If you look at the income reports from most any blogger, you will see that a big chunk of their income comes from Affiliate Marketing.

Have a hobby or something you know a lot about?  You can create a blog that focuses on that ‘niche’.  Write about it, share your thoughts.  Interact with like minded people who share your interest.  Write product reviews on items related to your hobby and make money from those product reviews.

I make an extra $3000.00 plus per month as I write this blog post from Affiliate Marketing.

As an example:  I like to camp and know a lot about my hobby.  So I blog about camping and trips I have gone on and want to go on.  I also share product reviews on some of the gear I like to use and share links to where people can buy that product online, such as Amazon or Cabela’s.

When people click on those product links and buy something – I make a sales commission.  I’m an ‘affiliate’ for Amazon and Cabela’s, and it costs me nothing per month to work with them.  They pay me to send people to their online retail stores.

Want to learn more about how I work at home on the side and make money?  Check out an earlier blog post I wrote about How To Work At Home.  I go into full details.

Best Way to Make Money From Blogging – Start Today!

You want to get started working online but don’t know where to go and what to do?  It’s a lot easier than most people realize.  In a matter of minutes you can have your own website up and running.  A few moments after that you can be adding content to it and publishing it on the world wide web.

Don’t know where to go to start blogging?  How about getting started for free!  See if you like this kind of work before I get too serious and pay for anything?  I pay around $33 per month for web hosting and domain costs that covers all of my handful of websites.  But you can start for free and see if blogging is a good personal fit for you.

Wealthy Affiliate/Siterubix provides two free website, free hosting, and some great step by step instruction on starting your own website.  All you need is an email address to create an account and you can get started today.  Click here to signup!



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