Best Way To Increase Website Traffic Fast – Three Awesome Steps!

Learn the best way to increase website traffic fast in three easy steps!

Learn the best way to increase website traffic fast in three easy steps!

Do you want to get your latest blog posting found as fast as possible and ranking in Google?  Of course you do!  Why would anybody say ‘no’ to that!?  I am here to show the best way to increase website traffic.  It’s not even a secret, but many newbies to blogging and affiliate marketing don’t know how to do it.

Nothing sucks more than creating a great post and it not getting found or read.  Sure, it takes some time for Google to trust new websites.  But you can’t be afraid to get all up in Google’s face and say “hey… look at me!”.

You ready to learn how to do just that?  I’m going to provide you with a step by step process on how to get Google’s attention.  It’s just three simple things you need to do.

Best Way To Increase Website Traffic In Three Steps

You have written a blog post and you know deep down in your heart that it’s fantastic… it is probably the best thing you have written in a long time and you are proud.

Good for you!  Everybody knows that Google likes good content.  But now you need to get it found by people doing organic searches.  So here is what we do:

First Step:  Share Your Post On Google Plus!

If you don’t have a Google Plus account, get one right now.  Google Plus is obviously owned by Google, and you can be darn sure they give preference to their own social media site.  Share any and all posts you write on Google Plus and work on getting a following.

It doesn’t matter what your content is about, you need to get word out to the masses about it.  Sharing your content on social media is going to help spread word about your site.  It is going to help generate discussions and sharing, and Google likes that a lot.  They are sure to give you more attention of you do it on their own social media site.

If you don’t have a Google Plus account, get one right now and start sharing you content.  You can get started here: Google Plus.

There is a right way and wrong way to post on Google Plus.  You want to post in such a way that gives you the best back linking to your post so that Google Search knows without a doubt your post is being shared on Google Plus.  A link is great, but what you write in your post is just as important and where you write it is also important… let me show you how I do it.  Check out the screen shot below I pulled from my Google+ page.

I created a four points of interest in my posting I want to review with you.

  1. This is the same title I used in my blog posting.  I put that right at the top.
  2. Next I put the meta description from my post.
  3. Here I will write just a little of information that pertains to my post I am sharing.  Doesn’t have to be much.
  4. I share my link at the bottom, and make sure that a picture from inside my posts pops and is displayed.  Visuals can be very powerful.

First and foremost get set up sharing with Google, but don’t forget Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and some others that are out there.  Once you have accounts in place with link backs to your posts, you will notice some increased traffic and Google will show you some love in the search rankings.

Second Step:  Fetch As Google Inside Search Console

Again, if you don’t have your site setup in Google Search Console, you need to do that ASAP.  There are some great tools inside Search Console that will help you get your new post recognized ASAP by Google.

When you post a new blog, no matter what it is, you want Google to know about it right away so they can start crawling it and getting it ranked – and climbing in the search ranks.

This post is not about getting you setup using Google Search Console.  If you need help with that check out this YouTube Video.

Now, if you are already have a Search Console account for your website, the next thing you want to do after sharing your post on Google+ is to Fetch as Google!

Fetch as Google is a function inside the Search Console, check out the screen shot below to see where to find it once you are logged in and have selected your website.

Above is a screenshot of the Search Console menu.  Under the Crawl drop-down is the link to Fetch as Google.  You want to click on that.  When you do, the next screen will pop and and you want to enter the slug of the post you want to Google to fetch.

Another screen shot below of what you should potentially be seeing at this phase.

Note the numbers places on the screenshot:

  1. Enter the slug of the post you want to fetch here.
  2. Click on the Fetch button.
  3. Then click on the Request Indexing button.


After you click on the Request Indexing button, Google is going to want to make sure you are not a robot, but are in fact a real person.  So the next screen that pops up asks you to confirm you are human, then select the ‘fetch’ option.

  1. Make sure you check this box to let Google know you in fact breath air.
  2. Then you want to click on ‘crawl only this URL’.
  3. Click ‘Go’… and that’s it!

By placing this request in Google’s Search Console you are asking Google to crawl your page sooner than later.  This is a great way to let them know you added a new post and you want it crawled as soon as possible.

Third Step:  Submit A New Sitemap

This is another function you can do from within the Search Console.  If you have not already submitted a sitemap you can learn how to do that here.

Each time I create a new page or post I will do the steps one and two above, as well as this third step.  If you use WordPress as your content management system, some plugins such as YOAST that I use for SEO will automatically update your sitemap to Google.

Personally, since I am already in Search Console doing step two above, it takes hardly any time at all to quickly resubmit my sitemap to Google, which will have been updated as soon as I published my last post.


Back at the Search Console menu you want to look under the Crawl drop-down menu for the ‘Sitemaps’ link and click on it.

If you have not already submitted a sitemap, follow that link above that will show you how to get started doing that.  If you have already submitted a sitemap, you just want to RESUBMIT it.  Check out the screen shot below.

Click on the sitemap check box, then just click the ‘resubmit’ button.  And that’s it!

Best Way To Increase Website Traffic – Conclusion

Those three steps I covered above will get your new post on Google’s radar fast.

  1. Share your post on Google Plus
  2. Use Search Console to have Google Fetch As Google on your new post
  3. Resubmit your sitemap

When I follow those steps my new posts show up in Google searches usually in under six hours.  The faster you get notices in Google, the faster you can climb the search engine ranks.  You never know, some posts may appear at the top of the ranking right away.

I didn’t come up with this process on my own.  Certainly I cannot take credit for this, but it works.  You want to learn where I get my SEO education from for my affiliate marketing sites I run?

If you do then be sure to check out Wealthy Affiliate here.

If you have never heard of them before and want to read more about them and what they offer to online marketers, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Thanks for reading!  Let me know how the steps above work for you-


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