Axion Data Entry Services And Working At Home

Thanks for checking out my review of Axion Date Entry Services.  I am not affiliate with Axion and am providing this review based on information I researched online.

Axion Data Entry Services - Work From Home Doing Data Entry.

Axion Data Entry Services – Work From Home Doing Data Entry.

If you are seriously considering signing up with Axion then me sure to check out a couple other reviews online as well.  Become as informed as you can, then decide!

Axion Data Entry Services – Legit Business Or Scam?

I am glad to report from the beginning of this review that Axion is not a scam, they are a legitimate online business.

I see so many online business opportunities that are scams out to try and suck money out of people, that it is refreshing to come across those that are the real deal.

Axion Job Opportunities

At the time of my research I didn’t find any actual job openings at Axion Data Entry Services (ADES).  However, you can still apply for positions that may open up in the future.

Here is a list of the minimum job requirements:

  • Good typing accuracy and able to following directions
  • A computer, Windows or Mac
  • A high speed internet connection
  • A clean criminal background when checked

I wasn’t able to determine why they want to do a criminal background check.  But I suspect they want to know who is working for them and logging into their online system.

In this day and age it is probably a responsible move for any online business like ADES.

How Much Does Axion Cost To Get Started?

This to me is the one odd thing that ADES does.  They charge you to keep your job file on hand.

In the day and age of cloud backups I thought this was kind of strange…  but here you go.  This is what it costs for you to keep your resume on file:

$5 for 60 days
$7 for 120 days
$10 for an entire year

What Jobs Can You Do at ADES?

Online jobs from what I have gathered when working at ADES vary from time to time.  Which can be a good thing to keep work from becoming routine.

Most of the work is entering personal data from various forms into spreadsheets.

Sounds pretty basic, and it probably is.

What Does Axion Data Entry Systems Pay?

Well here we are, the important question!  What can you make if you work online from home for Axion?

As you may already know if you researched other online data entry companies, you get paid based on the number of documents you complete.

From what I have researched online about Axion, you get paid on average $0.05 to $0.10 per form.

This may not seem like much, but from what I gathered the ‘forms’ go by pretty fast.  As you get better at the job you gain speed and can make ‘okay’ money.

There are also some larger forms that can take as long as an hour to complete.  Such forms pay as much as $6 to $10 per form.

In order to get paid you have to send ADES an ‘invoice’ of all the jobs that you have completed every two weeks.  The kicker here, that I wouldn’t much like if I worked for them, is that you have to wait three to four weeks to get paid the first time.

If you continue to work for them and turn in your jobs every two weeks, you should get paid every two weeks.

Work When You Want with Axion?

One of the nice things about working online is that you can usually, for the most parts, set your own schedule.  That’s why I like to blog.  I can work when I want…

However, with ADES you may have some ‘assignments’ that need to get expedited and you will have some work deadlines.

So while you can for the most part set your own schedule, there is going to be work you need to do when you work for them.  You will have to make sure you set aside enough time to get your work done.

Axion will always provide you with deadlines for jobs.

ADES claims that their online data entry contractors work at least 20 to 30 hours per week.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

I don’t always track what the BBB has to say about companies.  But I did look up ADES out of pure curiosity.

According to the BBB Axionh as a A+ rating and meets all 26 standards of accreditation.  They have been a member of the BBB since 2015, and have been in business for twenty years.

So yeah, they have a good business track record and are certainly a stable company.

Axion Data Entry Services – Conclusion

Obviously this company is not scam site.  They are most certainly a legitimate way for a person to work at home.

The only thing I don’t like about Axion is that you have to pay them to keep your resume on file until they have jobs open up.  Also, I am not sure how many people actually apply to work for them.  There could be a big resume pool they can collect from.

However, if you can get hired on with them, and have at least 20 to 30 hours per week you can work doing data entry, you are going to make some ‘okay’ money.

Not great money, but okay money.

If doing data entry type work is you thing and a good fit for you, you should by all means check out Axion and apply.

If data entry is not up your alley check out my preferred way to make money online: Affiliate Marketing.  You can read more about what I do to make an online income doing that by clicking here.


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