Avoid Getting Distracted From Your Work

When you start working at home in this day and age your are likely working from a computer.  As a blogger and affiliate marketer, you tend to spend time on social media promoting and sharing your blog posts.  Social media can be very distracting.  I see it happen all the time.  Avoid getting distracted from your work, and make sure you limit yourself from those online social outlets.  They can and do suck a lot of people away from the work they need to do to be successful.

As much as we all know Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and some of the other social media sites can be a major distraction, I want to point out that WEALTHY AFFILIATE can also be a distraction.

I promote Wealthy Affiliate on this website.  I think it is hands down the best place online to go and get website hosting, but also the best place to get the free help with their premium hosting and training for people wanting to monetize their websites.  I log into Wealthy Affiliate ever day and I love it.  I love helping the people who sign up to use Wealthy Affiliate from this web page.  It’s rewarding to me.

As some of you may know, Wealthy Affiliate has a great online support network.  People helping people.  It’s one of the things that makes starting your own home business and working for yourself so easy; Wealthy Affiliate is there to help.

But they have a social network that can cause some people to loose focus.

Wealthy Affiliate Social Network

Wealthy Affiliate is a huge online resource.  Hundreds of thousands of people use it.  It is easy to get questions answered there when you have them.  All you have to do is ask for help.  Now, I like helping people, and I always help people who sign up to use Wealthy Affiliate from this site.  I get notifications when people who signed up through me ask questions.  If I am logged in and working on my own sites I always take time to answer questions.

But there is also the ability there to answer questions of anybody who has a question.  Sometimes, if I am free and nothing is pressing my time I take several minutes and help those people out.  When you do that you gain what is known as Wealthy Affiliate Rank.  You can see it in the image below that I took of my Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard.

avoid getting distracted from your work.


See where it says RANK in the right corner if the picture?  Rank is not your earning potential, it is based on how often you post new content in the Wealthy Affiliate Network as well as help the community.  The smaller the number the better the rank.  I believe a new person signing up start at 100,000 for rank.  It is possible to go higher than that.  I have seen people with rank in 600k range.

Avoid Getting Distracted From Your Work

Some people get to absorbed with that rank number.  They obsess about it and want to see it keep going down.  To some it is a badge of honor.  They worry more about keeping and maintaining that rank they do their own websites!

It’s great to be active in the Wealthy Affiliate Network, but don’t let it distract you from working on your website.  Don’t forget your primary goal is to have your own home business and be able to work from home, and stay working from home.

Helping people is good.  I help anybody who needs it who signs up through this website.  I will also take time now and then during the day to help answer general questions of people in the network.  But I never ever get obsessed with that rank number.

It has been as low as 320.  It usually hovers around 360 to 490  and fluctuates every day.

Stay focused!  Work your site.  Make money!

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