Automated Daily Income Review – Will It Help You Earn Money Online?

Automated Daily Income system - Is it a big online scam or legit?

The Automated Daily Income system – Is it a big online scam or legit?

So what is Automated Daily Income?  If you have come across this business recently like I have you have to wonder about the name and what’s behind it.  Automated Daily Income sounds catchy, has a nice flow to it.  Most online money making business plans do, it’s how they catch your attention.

Well, Automated Daily Income certainly caught my attention.  The word ‘automated’ makes whatever they are offering sound pretty easy.

Regular readers of my blog know that I keep my eyes open for online money making business opportunities.  There are thousands of them out there on the internet.  Some are good and creditable.  Other, that is to say most, are not.

In this post I write an Automated Daily Income review.  They claim you can start immediately and make $379 per day.  Is that truly possible?  Sounds pretty good to me, doesn’t that sound good to you?

Automated Daily Income Review

Many people out there are looking for ways to make money online from their homes.  Lots of businesses appear on the web claiming they can help do just that.  The Automated Daily Income system is one of those businesses.

Sadly, from what I have seen in my online research into this company, there are more than likely just another scam site.  There are many indicators, what I call red flags, that lead me to strongly believe what we have here is one big scam.

What Is Automated Daily Income And How Does It Work?

They claim that for a $49 signup fee you get the following:

  • Instant access to 21 steps!
  • Done-For-You-Product-Sales, you don’t have to sell anything ever!
  • Top notch customer service as your finger tips!
  • Done-For-You-Merchant-Processing!
  • Access to a personal coach!
  • A staff of 150 people who run everything for you – it’s automated!

Wow!  Now that sounds pretty great!  Oddly enough, they don’t ever tell you what is actually being promoted, or what work is actually needing to be done to make $379 per day.

What do the 21 steps help promote?  Done for me sales…?  Not sure what I need done for me because they never tell me what they did or are going to do.  What is the customer service for that needs to be top notch?  Personal coaches are pretty nice to have, but what do I need one for… what am I being coached on?  And then 150 run everything for me, but what are they running?

What you have right there is a HUGE red flag.  They want people to give them $49 and never tell you what you are getting into.

Digging Deeper Into Automated Daily Income

So looking at Automated Daily Income’s terms and conditions page will give some major clues as to what is really going on.

If you take the time to read the fine print, you find out that Automated Daily Income is a front end marketing funnel site that pushed people towards another money making scam called ‘My Top Tier Business’.

My Top Tier Business is actually a 21 day training program for the inexperienced that teaches them online business to promote MOBE (My Own Business Education) products.  MOBE is a high ticket multi-level-marketing money making program that has a wide variety of products in their lineup that can be promoted by people.

Here is what is happening:  My Top Tier Business creates a funnel site called Automated Daily Income that charges you $49 up front for their program.  Then they charge you $19.95 every month after that.  Doing so get you access to their 21 day training course.

After that you try to make big bucks promoting MOBE products.  But guess what, in order to promote their products you have to buy into them.  That’s right, you have to spend more money buying MOBE products, product levels that are rather expensive.  Costs of MOBE products costs vary… $2,500 to $30,000!

Most people who get sucked into this end up spending at least $49 before they realize what they got themselves into… a huge funnel scam.

Automated Daily Income – Don’t Get Sucked In!

Sad to say but these types of online scams are not unusual at all.  If they sound to good to be true, they usually always are.  Online money making scams like Automated Daily Income are deceptive.  They prey on people who are in a rush to make money fast and lead them to believe that it is possible to do so.

There is no fast online money to be made online.  Even taken surveys and watching sales advertisements takes hours and hours to made even a few dollars.

Funny, they don't claim their site has been features, but claim 'work from home opportunities have been featured on:' Big play on words to trick people without actually lying.

Funny, they don’t claim their site has been featured, but claim ‘work from home opportunities have been featured on:’ Big play on words to trick people without actually lying. This image was taken from their site.

These online scams are good at tricking people.  They promote false testimonies, fake money making claims that sound amazing, and other tactics like proclaiming their plan was featured on a variety of big name online news channels.  99% of the time it is all just a bunch of lies.

Searching online at the news agencies listed above shows NOTHING has ever been mentioned on their sites or news channels in regards to Automated Daily Income.

(Avoid Work At Home Scams)

Is Automated Daily Income A Scam?

Yes and no.

My Top Tier Business and MOBE are not actually scams, but they are shady in my opinion.  If you land directly on their pages you will see that they do sell and promote specific services and product in exchange for money.

However, they are utilizing an unscrupulous funnel site, Automated Daily Income, to push the uninformed into their sales pages.  What sucks is that they charge you $49 up front to get there and you don’t even realize what you are getting into until it’s too late.

So for me, I would avoid Automated Daily Income at all costs.  Imagine paying somebody $49 so they tell you that you can now get access to a 21 day training program that helps you promote selling $30,000 business programs – but before you can actually sell one you have to have bought and paid for it yourself?  OUCH!

Learn To Make A Good Income Working At Home

I have to commend you on taking time to research the Automated Daily Income and reading my review before buying into it.  I don’t at all recommend it.  Obviously you are looking for a means to make money from home online, otherwise you wouldn’t have been looking into Automated Daily Income’s income system.

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