What Is Article Spinning – Good Or Bad Idea?

What is article spinning and do you want to use it on your website?  The is the questions I am going to tackle in this post.  Bear in mind everything written below is my opinion, and you of course are encouraged to make up your own mind in the end.

What Is Article Spinning?

A popular choice in Article Spinning software. Personally, I wouldn't even try to use this stuff any ANY of my websites.

A popular choice in Article Spinning software. Personally, I wouldn’t even try to use this stuff any ANY of my websites.

Some webmasters tend to write and rehash the same content on their websites between posts.  Google doesn’t like content duplication that much, and can penalize a website if it has a lots of duplicate content.

So to get around that issue bloggers will sometimes run their articles through a piece of software called an article spinner.  When they do that, the software will ‘rewrite’ the article and give you back something that is supposed to be unique and no longer a duplicate.

Of course, some people also use article spinners to steal the content from other websites and then ‘spin’ it, and then repost on their own site.

Using article spinner content is not necessarily safe, and can get you into a world of SEO hurt from Google.

I personally consider it a ‘black hat’ form of page SEO.  I wouldn’t touch it.  But to each their own.

Let’s See An Example

I’ll give you an example of what a popular article spinner does… check out the section below:

It works by taking certain words in the text you feed into it and changes it into a synonym.  It is essentially taking content that is written one way and changing it so it sounds different.

And here is that same content put through an article spinner:

It works by taking certain words in the content you bolster into it and changes it into an equivalent word. It is basically taking substance that is composed one way and transforming it so it sounds distinctive.”

As you can see it doesn’t exactly flow naturally.  In fact in my opinion it totally sucks.  Why anybody would spend their time with article spinning software is beyond me.  If you posted something that was spun it would read horribly, and people would flee from your site, and they wouldn’t share your content on social media.

You would need to sit and go through each word and sentence to fix things after it was spun… and if that is the case you might as well just write your own content and make it original – you’ll get better SEO ranking that way.

Why You Should Avoid Article Spinner

  • First and foremost, Google can recognize articles that have been spun.  If you do it enough you are going to get slapped down by Google and your site will plummet in its rankings.
  • The end article results are worded horribly.  If you post any of that content people are going to start to avoid your site because your content is unreadable.
  • You could spend hours tweaking and fixing spun content and risk changing it back into it’s original context, or just waste a lot of time – you could use that time to write original content.
  • If word gets out you are using spun content, and you are an internet marketing, your trust rating is going to plummet with people and you will loose income.
  • Spun articles do not provide a new perspective on anything.  The words might change, but the information is the same.  You are not providing anything new.


Let me leave you with this…

Because using an article spinner changes the words not the actual context and information being shared, Google can recognize this.

Google’s algorithms are smart… sophisticated…  more so than you might think, and they can certainly see past posts have been respun.  Now, you may not get caught right away, but you will get caught, and your site will suffer for it.

So please don’t look for shortcuts in your article writing.  Article spinning and many of the other ‘black hat’ SEO tactics will set you back.  Avoid falling down that hole.


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