An Unbiased Look At Wealthy Affiliate

It has been a while since I posted anything and I wanted to take an unbiased look at Wealthy Affiliate.  Full disclosure, I have since switched all my personal web hosting from Blue Host to Wealthy Affiliate.  I like the hosting package at Wealthy Affiliate much more than I do at Blue Host.  I feel the value is greater at WA.

However, this post is not so much about Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting as it is about their online school that teaches affiliate marketing.  What does Wealthy Affiliate have to do with Affiliate Marketing, you may ask?  Well, a lot.  Let’s take a look.

An Unbiased Look At Wealthy Affiliate

I began blogging and doing some minor affiliate marketing several years ago.  At that time I wasn’t very successful at getting my websites found.  The reason was because I didn’t understand copy writing and things like keywords and search engine optimization.

When I happened upon Wealthy Affiliate a few years ago I decided to take their free online course and turned out being impressed with what I learned.  At that time I learned enough to make some changes to my couple websites and saw some positive results with more web traffic in about 3-4 weeks.  More web traffic to my sites meant more people were seeing my content, and more people were clicking on links.  Bottom line is that I was making some money.


Making money on a website hobby was a big deal to me.  Think about about… blogging about something you like and are interested in – and making money passively from it!

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Do?

I already had a little knowledge about making WordPress websites, which is easy by the way, but what did Wealthy Affiliate do for me exactly?  It taught me with some basic and simple to follow free instruction how to create a solid foundation under my websites, and how to build up a marketing presence for my websites.

Wealthy Affiliate also taught me about basic copy writing, keyword focus, and how to put those two things together to make search engines find and promote my website posts in front of people do searches for subject matter similar to what my websites were about.

I was taught how to build a website with WordPress themes, blog about my hobbies, write good blog content, and get my content found by search engines.

Steps To Wealthy Affiliate Training And Success

Steps To Wealthy Affiliate Training And Success

Wealthy Affiliate gave me knowledge located all in one place that I need to succeed.  All I needed to do was apply what I learned.

They instruct, but I had to do the work.

What Work Does Wealthy Affiliate Require?

Your success will never happen if you don’t put in the time and apply what they teach.  Wealthy Affiliate requires nothing from you.  They tell you up front that in order to succeed you need to require a work ethic from yourself.  They teach and then you must apply the knowledge to the work you need to do to create a successful affiliate marketing website.

If you want to someday be self employed and working at home as a blogger and web master, then you need to work and put the time in.  Learning to market a website and be a successful affiliate marketer takes time and effort.  It doesn’t happen overnight.

You Work For Success, Success Will Follow

You Work For Success, Success Will Follow

It’s not what Wealthy Affiliate requires.  Take and use what they teach or not.  It’s what you require of yourself if you really want to be successful and someday work from home.

Wealthy Affiliate Is Not The Only Place To Learn Affiliate Marketing

There are many places online where you can go to learn about affiliate marketing.  I have checked out more than a few of them.  All have some good features and benefits, but there are a couple things that make Wealthy Affiliate’s online course training to much better.

Let me list them here:

  • You can get near instant assistance when you need from their massive online community.
  • You get a free website and free initial training to test out for yourself if blogging and affiliate marketing is for you.
  • They have premium web hosting if you decide you want to get serious and own your own website – better and with more free services than any other web host provider I have come across.  This alone is worth it if you have websites… transfer them to Wealthy Affiliate now, you won’t be disappointed.
  • When you have premium hosting you get access to advanced web marketing courses then can make your blog and affiliate marketing explode.

Why You Should Give Wealthy Affiliate A Chance

My number one reason why you should give Wealthy Affiliate a chance is because it doesn’t cost anything.  No debit or credit card required.  Sign up with an email address and start poking around the community, free classes, and free website.  If it’s a good fit, stick around for a while and keep messing with learning to blog and apply affiliate marketing to your site… you still don’t have to pay anything.

It costs nothing to give Wealthy Affiliate a try

It costs nothing to give Wealthy Affiliate a try

If you decide it’s a good fit and you like what you are working towards, then think about paying for web hosting and owning your own website… make a side career out of blogging, or go hard and make it your career to be self employed working from home.

You are out nothing to give it a look and a try.

Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate Before Signing Up

Still not sure if you want to give Wealthy Affiliate a try, check out more information on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.

You can also learn more about how to work at home.

But, if you are ready to take things to the next step, then click here and sign up for free!

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