Accelerated Income: Yet Another Link Posting Scam

Here we go again, yet another link posting scam.  It is really remarkable how many of these scams promote the exact same template, or darn near the same advertising template.  Sadly there are people out there that get suckered into trying these scams out.  Accelerated Income is just like many of the other link posting scams I have blogged about on this site.

As usual I highly recommend that if you are looking into joining Accelerated Income that you first check out reviews of them online, other this my site.  I am not at all affiliate with Accelerated Income, and everything mentioned below in my review is from information I gathered online doing research.

Accelerated Income Review – It’s a Scam!

It is possible to make a little money from Accelerated Income, but you will not make the kind of money they are promising.

They promote link posting, and say you can earn $379 per day just by posting links on various forums and websites.  How it works is like this:  You sign up, they give you product links to share online.  You share those links all over the place, Facebook, Twitter, in website forums… anywhere and everywhere you can.  When people click on those links and buy something, you make a commission.

The problem is that you are posting blind links and they are going to be out of context.  Imagine you are reading a Facebook post about camping in Montana.  Lots of people are commenting and sharing tips.  Then all of sudden you see a post for a 40 inch TV with a link telling you where you can go buy it.

People don’t click on those links, they move past them and keep reading what they are interested in reading, which is about camping in Montana.

Accelerated Income make you think that you can make hundreds of dollars this way.  You can’t, and you won’t.  It just doesn’t work.  What they really want to do is get your contact information and some money out of you to sign up to do this kind of work.

The Accelerated Income Sales Pitch

When you see their web page, which I never show or provide links to for scam sites like this, you will see that they will try and make their business appear legitimate by showing you a banner with a bunch of news agencies on it claiming they have been featured there.

That is just a flat out lie.  There are scores and scores of sites just like Accelerated Income that promote link posting that use the very same tactic.  They all lie.  If you take several minutes to go to any of those news sites and do content searches for Accelerated Income, you will find NOTHING.  That means those news sites never ever featured Accelerated Income.

The image below I pulled from their website where they have it prominently displayed to trick you into make you think they are legitimate.

Accelerated Income - Just like many other link posting sites, they make false claims they were featured by big news companies.

Accelerated Income – Just like many other link posting sites, they make false claims they were featured by big news companies.

They go on to tell you that you need no experience to do the work they promote online, and that anybody can do it from the comfort of their home.

Accelerated Income promises you can make a life changing money with no experience, starting today, earning today.  If it sounds to good to be true, it is.  Don’t fall for crap like this.  There is no easy way to make money, real money that you can live on to pay bills, fast and easy online.  It just doesn’t happen.

Sales Pitch – Scarcity Tactic

One angle of their sales pitch is the Scarcity Tactic.  This is a tactic where a product or service is only going to be available for a limited amount of time, or in limited quantities.

This is a legitimate method used by many big retailers to drum up fast sales and business.  They tell you that there is a great deal going on, but that it is for a limited time only.  This tactic prompts people to buy things quickly without putting much thought into the purchase.  Accelerated Income wants you to sign up for their program fast, before you can take the time to research it and think about it.

Whenever you see such a tactic, where they tell you that they have only ‘X’ amount of opportunities left for people to sign up, this should be a huge indicator that it is a scam.  Believe me, they will sign up anybody and everybody well beyond their supposed limit.

The Fake Testimony – Susan Whitman

Almost all of these post linking scams have the picture of the woman below.  Not all of them, but many of them.  I have seen her face in this same image dozens of times on various post linking sites.  On Accelerated Income’s site her name is Susan Whitman.  On other post linking sites it is something else entirely.

It makes me laugh how many times I have seen this image used, and others.  You would think whomever is behind these post linking scams would change things up a bit.

Can You Make Money With Accelerated Income?

There is a slight off chance that you could make a small amount of money.  You would have to be very lucky and skilled at marketing.  You would also have to be very selective of where you post links so that they could make you some money.  Odd are against you being able to make money doing this.

You will need to put links in places that make sense and where people are interested in clicking on them.  People just don’t click on links for the heck of it.  Relevance on links makes sense.  And the problem is that posting links where they are relevant is hard to do.  It required you to create accounts with various forums and groups, and then many require you to have posts approved before they go live if you are a new member to a site.  My point is that you need to do a lot of up front work in order to place a link or two.

Accelerated Income claims you can make $5 to $20 just for posting a link.  Not true.  No one is going to pay you that kind of money for for posting a link.  Your links needs to generate traffic and sales to whatever the link is pushing people towards.

The Bottom Line To Making Money Online

First and foremost, if something sounds to good to be true, it is and shouldn’t be trusted.  There is no way to make fast and easy money online sitting on your butt.  You have to put time and work into anything that is going to make you money online.

Some of the better ways of making money online include being a freelance writer, date transcriber, photographer, and others.  Click on this link here to read a post I write about online contract jobs.

I make money online at home as an affiliate marketer, which means I blog and write product reviews.  That’s right.  I blog on websites I own make money from product reviews I write.

Starting a blog is easy.  Taking the time to build up a website and actually blog takes some time to learn.  But it is a great way make money online.  Interested in learning how to work at home as a blogger, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

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