Is Affiliate Marketing For You?

Work At home.  Set your own hours.  Wear what you want.  Have more free time for friends and family.  No products to buy or sell.  No phone calls to deal with.  No commuter rat-race.  No deadlines to make.  Have freedom to travel.  Be your own boss.  Find your financial independence... Earn yourself a lucrative income you can live off of.


Me with one of the grand daughters and my pet dog. My wife took the picture. This was a great day. This was the day we knew our online efforts were going to pay off.

Me with one of the grand daughters and my pet dog. My wife took the picture. This was a great day. This was the day we knew our online efforts were going to pay off.

I started this web page, Earn Your Success, because I wanted to share with people a way to quit the rat race working for an employer and start working for themselves.  It has long been a dream of mine.  And I am finally have that goal in front of.  So close.  It is going to happen.

Here’s my story:

My wife and I were almost living paycheck to paycheck.  We were able to put a little money away every month, but as soon as we saved up close to a thousand dollars some ‘event’ would come along and deplete our meager savings.  We were almost always struggling, and usually we didn’t have money to do things we wanted to do like go on long weekend trips, or spend a little extra on the grand-kids outside of birthdays and the Holidays.

We didn’t have much in the way of bills.  No credit card debt (not at first).  Just the usual car payments, house payment, cell phone bills, cable television, heat, electric, groceries, garbage.  We always paid our bills, but after doing so we had a choice to make; save any extra money from our paychecks (which wasn’t much), or treat ourselves to dinner and movie, or go buy some needed items like shoes or clothes.

We managed to get by.  But we couldn’t do much of anything else.

Then in 2009 the housing market crashed.  Unemployment started to skyrocket and lots of people got laid off all across the country.  My wife was one of those people that got let go from her job.  Jobs… good jobs, we hard to come by, and my wife bounced around to a few low paying jobs.  Our already meager life was becoming much harder.

Things were bad for a couple years.  We racked up credit card debt trying to maintain our living standard.  But we stuck together and my wife eventually landed a good job again.  We went from scrapping by, to not scrapping by and adding credit card debt, to scrapping by while trying to pay off credit card debt.  We were never able to get ahead.

We needed to do something.  We were both already working fifty to sixty hours a week and didn’t like the thought of going out and finding part-time work on the side.  So I got online and did some research on the internet.  I learned about blogging and how I could make money from home in my spare time.

It changed our lives.  Would you believe me if I tell you I am making roughly $2.5k per month from blogging?

Eventually we stopped living paycheck to paycheck.

We have extra money to spare every month.

We are paying down our mortgage.

We are traveling.

We are doing better than we ever have.

You can do the same.  It just takes a little effort and some time to learn how to do it.  And it’s not that difficult.  As soon as the mortgage is paid off we are quitting our day jobs.


Want to learn how I did it?  I’m happy to show you HOW TO WORK AT HOME.

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