A Day In My Life As An Affiliate Marketer & Blogger

A day in the life of an affiliate market blogger. EXCITING!

A day in the life of an affiliate market blogger. EXCITING!

This page contains a good look at my typical day working on my at home business as a blogger and affiliate marketer.  I am writing this so people can see how much time I put into by personal business.  Some may be surprised at how much… some at home little.  Everybody has different expectations.

I want to be as transparent as I can be.  I truly want to assist people who are interested in working from home.  Being a blogger and affiliate marketer is the best online job that I could find to fit my personal needs of being able to work for myself, being able to travel and bring my work with me, be able to up and move to another part of the country (or world), and to provide myself with more free time to spend with friends and family.

If you have laptop you can travel and go anywhere for as long as want as a blogger and successful affiliate marketing websites.

Please be away that as I write this post, I am still in fact also working a day job.  I expect my wife will be able to quit her day job in six to eight months, and I will be able to quit mine in six to eight months after her.  We are currently make a nice income from our three affiliate marketing websites, and plan to add one or two more by the end of summer this year as an income safety net.

How My Day Starts

I get up at 6am every week day, which is about one hour sooner than I need to if I was just getting ready to go to work for my day job.  I work in sales at a nice office.  And I need to be in the office by 9am.

I get up one hour early every do to spend time looking at my websites.  I make sure they are actually up and able to be seen on the internet, and then I check to see if there are any comments or questions from readers on my blogs.  If there are, I answer every person back, even If I am just saying “thanks for reading”.

I also take this time to check my online network of friends and people who I inspired to get started doing what I am doing as a blogger.  If anybody needs help I try and make sure I give them some feedback.

I do this for about an hour, sometimes less, then I go get ready for work and head out the door to my day job.

During The Day, At My Day Job

My lunch break is a great time to write down some notes for latter.

My lunch break is a great time to write down some notes for latter.

Obviously I am working on my day job duties.  But I do get a couple breaks throughout the day as well as an hour off for lunch.  During my work breaks I always keep a notepad or notebook with me to take notes on the things I want to blog about on my websites, or if there is some maintenance I think I should be doing to old posts I made.  Coming up with new content that belongs with the niche theme of my websites is important, but so it going back and tweaking old posts and updating them for relevance.

Usually over my lunch hour I write a few ideas I have for my next blog posts, and maybe even knock out a paragraph or two of content in my notebook.

If I have free time during the day I use it to think and plan about my websites and take notes.

After Work, Back At Home

When I get home I usually take care of a few things around the house that need to get down, but usually within thirty minutes to an hour I am at my computer and either writing a new blog for a website, or going back and updating old posts.  I also take some time to check comments again and help any people from the network site that need assistance.

Some nights I may be on the computer doing work for just an hour.  Other night, probably three of four per week I am working on my websites for 2-4 hours per evening.

I probably average about 2-4 hours per day working on my home business.

I Wish I Had More Time

There is no doubt about it, the more time a person can put into niche blogging and building up their work at home business, the sooner they are often making money and being able to quit their day jobs.

Most of the people I network with that are doing this and that have quite their day jobs have a few websites they own and blog on, and they work on average just a couple to a handful of hours per day.

Imagine the free time you would have only having to work a handful of hours per day, out of your house, or wherever you want to travel to, blogging and maintaining your websites?

Between my day job and household responsibilities it is hard to find more time to focus on my business.  The focus in this sort of business venture it the future, and the longevity of the work.

Apple Computers was started part time in a garage!  Now, I am not expecting my blogging to build into an empire like Apple… what I am saying is that businesses tend to start small and take time to build up.  I know I have to stay focused on the perks that I will have a little further down the road.  It is just a matter of time before my wife, then I, can transition to working part time from home and making a full time income that equals and will eventually rival what we are doing at our day jobs.

If you can put the time into blogging and being an affiliate marketer, you will be successful, you will be your own boss, and you will be happier in your everyday life.

As always, thank you for reading and please ask any questions you may have.  I’m here to help.

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TD Bauer


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