50 Cent Freedom – Is It For You?

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50 Cent Freedom Review – What Is It?

Most online work at home ventures require you to invest time and money.  The real question is what kind of return can you get for efforts.

50 Cent Freedom (50CF) start off by asking if you would be interested in make an investment of $0.50 in order to make $8000.00.

Is that too good to be true?  Even 50CF asks you that question.  In my opinion the answer is yes, that there is no way you can make that kind of money from $0.50.

50CF disagrees, and tries to show you that it is possible.

50CF is a multi level marketing (MLM) plan, or that is what they claim to be.  When you sign up you start at the bottom level and work your way up.  And as you do you are supposed to make some money.

What Does 50 Cent Freedom Cost To Get Started?

As seen in the name of this MLM, it costs only $0.50 to get started.  You pay this cost every month.

If you want to move up in the company, to other levels, it costs more then $0.50 per month.  Those additional costs are deducted from any earnings you may have every month automatically.

There are a total of four levels that can be advanced through.  You start at level 1 with your $0.50 investment.

What Are You Going To Sell With 50 Cent Freedom?

Nothing!  You don’t actually sell a darn thing.

I know what you are thinking; “so far 50 Cent Freedom is sounding pretty good”.

Well, it’s not so great, in my opinion.

While you are not selling anything, you are promoting some random ‘link’ that promotes a random website.

The main purpose of the links is to recruit more people into the 50CF program.  The more people you sign up, the higher up in level you reach.

As you move up in level by bringing people into the system, you earn more money.

And that brings us to what you can earn…

What You Can Potentially Earn With 50 Cent Freedom

Below is a list of the levels withing 50CF, as well as the cost you pay for being in each level.  It also shows how many people you need to have signed up under you to advance levels.

What you are seeing here is a classic pyramid scheme, or more precisely, a ponzi scheme.

50 Cent Freedom - This is their payment matrix. Yes, it's a pyramid scheme.

50 Cent Freedom – This is their payment matrix. Yes, it’s a pyramid scheme.

The more people you sign up the more you can make.  But you don’t start earning until you reach level 2.

You need to have people under you paying in the same monthly fee as you to earn.

This type of MLM system looks good on paper.  It probably looks good to you right now.  You are thinking that you can easily sign up people starting at $0.50 and build it up from there.

Well, there are a lot of problems that occur with this sort of pyramid scheme.  Let’s take a look at them below.

Why 50 Cent Freedom Is A Bad Investment Of Time and Money

I am just going to list these out so they are easy to follow and understand.

  1. Ponzi schemes are illegal.
  2. There is no product, so there is no actual monetary foundation under the 50CF business.  It could go bust at anytime.
  3. The owner is unknown, but is based in Thialand.  You have no legal courses of action of something goes amiss.
  4. There is nothing stopping the owner from all of a sudden STOP paying people and walking away with ALL the money people paid in.
  5. People at the top of the pyramid make money of new people coming into the system.  This will not last forever, and will go bust sooner than later.
  6. You will have to become an ‘annoying schemer’.  In order to get people to sign up you will have to promote 50CF.  95% of the people you know will not want anything to do with you.
  7. You need to recruit a lot of people, and the people below you need to recruit just as many so they can move up to the same level as you.  You need 81 people to reach level 4, 81 people who have 81 people who are also level 4.  It’s darn near impossible to do this.

Pyramid schemes work for the people at the top.  The chances of you getting there are slim to none.

Money making schemes like this are not a good business to start yourself in.  There are better, and legal ways to earn money online.

50 Cent Freedom – Conclusion

First and foremost this is just a big pyramid/ponzi scheme and should be avoided.  Plans like this look good on paper, but they are anything but.

It’s very unlikely you will earn any real money as you you are not an early adopter of the program.

This program is nothing more than a cash grab that will end up costing you financially and also a potential expense of friends and family.

These types of schemes always crumble apart because eventually the people at the bottom give up and quit when they can’t sign anybody up.  When this happens the foundation of the scheme crumbles from the bottom up.

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