My Top 5 Tips For Staying Motivated With Affiliate Marketing

5 Tips For Staying Motivated With Affiliate Marketing.

Working harder is not enough advice! Let’s review my top 5 Tips For Staying Motivated With Affiliate Marketing.

I have been seeing a lot of comments in my social network and even a few on this site about people losing motivation when starting out doing niche website building.  So I wanted to put together my top 5 tips for staying motivated with affiliate marketing.

It really takes some motivation and determination to build a business, a successful home business online.  I am seeing people talk about giving up after a couple months, and that is really a shame.  Because more than likely in the next month or two if they just keep up and focus on their websites they will start to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

I often say on my blog posts here on this site that it is very exciting starting a new home business like this, but that after a week or two or maybe a month it can start to get hard to do.  You are building and adding content to a site that nobody is seeing.  You want to make money doing this, but your not.  I always tell people it can happen in the first month, but usually it takes a few months to several before a new website will start to produce traffic and make an income.

So let’s talk about some tips for keeping you focused and motivated when working at home!  Motivation waxes and wanes, so you need to know how to keep pushing and stay working when motivation is low.

My Top 5 Tips For Staying Motivated With Affiliate Marketing

  1. Small Niche Websites:  If you are learning about niche websites, blogging, and affiliate marketing, you are going to be going through a learning curve as you attain knowledge.  Ideally your first website or two will have a better chance at success if you are pick a niche that you are HIGHLY PASSIONATE about.  If you try to pick a niche that you don’t know much about, but you think it will make you more money, you are going to be in for some hard work.  Your brain is already going to be in overload learning about websites and monetizing them.  Don’t make yourself work any harder than you have to by picking a niche idea you are not overly familiar with.  If you pick something that is a hobby and you know a lot about, blogging about it will be easy – and you can then focus more on what you need to learn; website content, on page SEO, and affiliate marketing.  Being able to write about something you know a lot about makes this process easy, and less like work.  Which is huge when it comes to motivation.  I look forward to blogging about my niches, because I enjoy them so much (camping, fly-fishfing…etc…).
  2. Start A Work Schedule:  If you start keeping a schedule, and adhere to it, the work you do for your at home online business will become routine.  You want to be doing routine work on your website, every day if possible.  I make working on my home business an every day occurrence.  I still work my day job (hopefully not for long), but every day when I get home from work I go straight to my home office and work for at least an hour, sometimes two.  I do that every day, Monday through Friday.  And even on the weekends when there is not much going on at home.  But I always set that time aside right after work to focus on my websites.  I usually don’t have to force myself to work, there is always something to do.  New blog posts, keyword research for future posts, update old posts, reply to comments from readers…etc…
  3. Set Small Attainable Goals:  When you set large and lofty goals they usually take longer to accomplish, and that usually means that you are not going to feel like you are getting as much done.  If you set smaller goal to work towards you are have a much better chance of attaining them, and you will feel good about meeting your accomplishments.  This can be huge when working from home online.  I tend to set long term goals AND short term goals.  A good short term goal for me is going back and cleaning up some older posts and updating them… I try to do that twice a week to two posts.  Another short term goal is finding five really good long-tail keyword phrases before the week is over.
  4. Keep Your Thoughts Positive:  Even when things are going poorly you need to keep your mind set for the positive.  This can be really hard to do.  For me I try and stay positive by reminding myself that I am an online entrepreneur – something about that just sounds nice to me, so I use it to reinforce my working mindset.  What makes you think positive thoughts?  It can be different for everybody, and some people have a harder time with this than others.  Some people focus on negative things and it keeps them from accomplishing a lot.  Don’t let that be you.
  5. Remind Yourself Why You Are Blogging And Doing Affiliate Marketing:  Is it because you want to work at home and have more time and freedom?  Because you hate working for other people?  Maybe you are an at home parent and want to help your family out with making some extra money?  Perhaps you just need to pay off some credit card bills.  Or maybe you want to do this because of all of the above, and many other reasons.  The point is this; don’t even forget why you started affiliate marketing to begin with.  You wanted to do this for a very important reason.  It can take time for a website to build authority and get notices, but don’t give up on your goals and dreams because things are happening slower than you want.  The thing that pushed me through the slow times when I started doing this twenty months ago was that I REALLY wanted to have more time and freedom in my life.  What is your reason for starting this?

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You have to earn your success, and staying focused and motivated will get you to the next level!

You have to earn your success, and staying focused and motivated will get you to the next level!

5 Work At Home Motivation Tips – Conclusion

If you don’t keep yourself motivated then you are likely not putting in as much work on your at home online business as you should.  So maintaining an at home work ethic with strong motivation is must.

I see so many people just give up after two or three months, and it’s sad, because if they just pushed a little harder and made it through the next month or two, they were likely to see some very positive things occur.

The only way you will fail at this is if you just give up.  Don’t give up.

I hope my top 5 tips for staying motivated with affiliate marketing has helped you in some way.  If you started out learning about blogging and affiliate marketing on your own like I did, and think you could use some support and training, check out my review of my #1 recommended training program, which is now free to join.

If you want to read more about me and get a good pep talk about affiliate marketing, check out my post ‘How To Work At Home‘ here.



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